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3 Ideas to Grow Your Email List

When people ask me what is the most important thing in my online business, without a shadow of a doubt it is to be able to have an online email list. An email list allows you to be able to communicate with people, your audience, those that are engaged with you, those that are looking forward to your content in a way that no other platform can do. If you're thinking about social media, it's fantastic.

But the algorithms are always working against us, it makes it more difficult to get our message out there. And the only way to control that is to have an email list. Today, I want to share with you three ideas on how it is you can grow your number one acid in your online business, your email list.

Tip number one is make sure that you're putting out original content around the pain points that your ideal customer has, that you can help them solve, or the aspiration the dream the place, they actually want to get to, to be able to help them fulfill that need or that want, it's really...

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3 Strategies to Charge More for What You Do

A common question I get is, "How is it I can charge more for the work I do?"

So many people today struggle not feeling worthy to be able to charge higher fees for their programs of courses or products. And as a result, they attract the wrong type of prospects and the wrong type of clients. They've got a lot of work, but they're not making any money.

Today, I want to share with you three ideas and how it is you can charge more fees by creating more value.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business Coach. And I'm also the founder of the Online Business Academy. So let's dive in.

Tip number one is, first of all, you got to step aside from your own limiting beliefs, your own fears of not feeling worthy. And what you need to do is focus on how is it you can package the value that you've already created, your experiences, your expertise, your wisdom, all of that is a huge value, and you need to focus on packaging that rather than not feeling worthy to be...

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Over the last four years building my online business, I believe that what I've done to succeed has come down to five things, I call them my five dares. And today I want to share with you, if you are building an online business, how it is you need to incorporate the five dares into your business.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business Coach. And I'm also the founder of the young entrepreneurs Academy. So there's there's an acronym for five letters and five words, let me share those with you. Now!

Number one, D. D is for digital, I believe today, the fastest way to grow an online business is to have a digital product, a program a course a service. I know that in growing my online business over the last four years, it has helped me enormously to be able to do that by having digital products, coaching programs, membership programs, online courses, they're all digital products. That's D in the first letter in dares.

The second letter is A. A is...

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5 Ideas To Help You Navigate New Online Opportunities

One of the biggest challenges today people have a world that's changing very fast is exploring and navigating new opportunities. I see so many people are getting overwhelmed because there's an abundance of opportunities, technology has developed that for us, and so too has the online world. Today, I want to share with you five ideas on how it is you can better navigate the new opportunities that you might be facing.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business Coach. I'm also the founder of the young entrepreneurs Academy and the Online Business Academy.


Tip number one is establish why you want to go into that new opportunity or look at it. And what is it you want to achieve. From my own perspective, when I started in the online world four years ago, for me why I went into the online world is because I saw the huge opportunity. And I saw the potential to be able to impact people, share my knowledge, share my message, share my life experiences, to...

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MEDS — The 4 Keys To Online Success

So I'm almost four years into creating a successful online business. And I want to share with you today the four ideas on how I've been doing that. These are the ideas that I believe are needed by everybody if you want to succeed online. 


So tip number one is to meditate every day. For me, this has been an enormous help, because I believe that if you want to be successful online, 20% percent of that success comes from knowing the strategies and tactics. But 80% of it comes from having the mindset to believe that you can do it, getting rid of all those limiting beliefs of what if, what if it doesn't go well? What if nobody follows me? What if I'm not successful? What if nobody buys my courses and programs? You need to turn those around into a positive body, but in order to do that, you need to have the mindset to believe, to have the thoughts you need to have the ability to be able to see the positive that can help you succeed online. So meditation is number one.


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Secrets to Creating Great Content

So many people today build online businesses by paying lots of money for advertisement. And I believe that the secret to be able to create great online businesses is your ability to be able to create great content, I want to share with you today, my three secrets on how it is you can create great content.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business Coach. I'm also the founder of the Online Business Academy.

So let's dive in secret number one, look out into the future and create a content calendar. For me, my content calendar is for the next 52 weeks, my topic is clear about helping people create online businesses. And then I set out a topic each week, which I'm going to create content around for the next 52 weeks. Now, I'm not suggesting that you necessarily need to do that, although it doesn't take as long as you think you might just want to put together the next three months, 13 weeks or the next six months. But I can tell you, if you sit down and...

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3 Steps To Rapidly Grow Your Online Business

So you've created your online course. And it's out there in the world and people are buying it. And everybody's very happy. But then things start slowing down. And I see this so many times they create online courses, they create great programs, but things then begin to slow down.

Today, I want to share with you three ideas on how it is you can very rapidly grow and scale your online business.

Over the last three years, I've coached over 100 people all around the world. And I see this so many times they launch their online course, they start bringing in revenue, they impact people, but then things begin to stop. So they came back to me, and I want to share with you how I help them take it to the next stage three ideas today on how it is that you can really rapidly grow your online business. 

Number one, fundamentally, everything starts with having regular weekly content. And the content needs to be in long form. So it can be a video, it can be a blog, it can be a podcast. But...

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What Do You Do?

I guess you've been asked many times the question, what do you do? I know for me, anytime I go to a networking event, people always ask me, "Jimmi, what do you do?" I guess you can resonate with that. And the most common responses.

You're a coach, you're an architect, you're a physiotherapist. You're psychiatrists, you're a doctor, you're an engineer. Those are the common responses we get.

Today, I want to share with you my formula that will make it more exciting for the people that are asking that question, and help you clarify clearly what it is you do that will help the people that are asking the question. 

So let's dive into my formula. My formula today in three parts will help you clarify what your message is, and how it is you can help people when they ask you, what do you do?

The three step formula that I've got, which is what I teach all my clients and all my students is as follows.

Step number one is, who do you help? I help X, that X is a very specific person, who...

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The 3 Guiding Principles for Creating Great Content

Have you ever struggled to find new clients, so many people today are spending lots of money on paid advertisements when I believe that the number one way to create great clients, leads, great prospects is to create great content. And today I want to share with you the three guiding principles that I believe are necessary for creating great content. 

Principle number one is make sure that you provide content, which is around what people want, rather than what people need. I know that when I started my online business back in 2018, I was creating content around what I thought people needed, I was creating curriculum from my courses and programs around what I thought people needed. And nobody was buying my courses and programs. Nobody was listening or watching my content. Because it's not what you think people need. It's about what people want, it's really important to be able to go out, find out what your client's problems are, and provide solutions, or find out what their...

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The 6 Secrets of Growing a Successful Online Business

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have more time and more financial freedom in your life, one of the great ways to be able to do that today in the new economy is to have an online business. But for so many people, they struggle because they don't know what the first steps are.

Today, I want to share with you six secrets that I have learned to build a successful online business, and to be able to share them with you today. If you're starting in the online world, and you've got overwhelmed, and you don't know how or where to start.

So let's dive in with secret number one. When you start in the online world, it's really important to understand what your role is, and make sure that you've got the skills or you're prepared to learn the skills to be able to develop that role in the knowledge, commerce, the wisdom industry, the expert industry, all of that thought leader influence a world that I have created my whole business round, which is sharing what I already know my...

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The 6 Secrets You Need to Know to Grow a Successful Online Business

Find out these 6 secrets and then implement them as quickly as possible to create success for your online business.