Secrets to Creating Great Content

So many people today build online businesses by paying lots of money for advertisement. And I believe that the secret to be able to create great online businesses is your ability to be able to create great content, I want to share with you today, my three secrets on how it is you can create great content.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business Coach. I'm also the founder of the Online Business Academy.

So let's dive in secret number one, look out into the future and create a content calendar. For me, my content calendar is for the next 52 weeks, my topic is clear about helping people create online businesses. And then I set out a topic each week, which I'm going to create content around for the next 52 weeks. Now, I'm not suggesting that you necessarily need to do that, although it doesn't take as long as you think you might just want to put together the next three months, 13 weeks or the next six months. But I can tell you, if you sit down and allocate some time, you can create a 52 week content calendar in the next couple of hours.

Secret number two, for me in creating content is to be able to block out time in my calendar to be able to do the work. I know that so many people today are really, really busy. And sometimes they think about doing something, but they don't actually schedule it in the calendar. And then they get frustrated. Because the work doesn't actually get done. It's absolutely essential with content just like anything else you do, you schedule the time, put down a block in your calendar, so that you're going to get the work done. 

Secret number three is that if you want to create great content, you need to batch your time doing the work. For me, that has been the absolute secret in getting into flow. In really feeling though you're enjoying the work. So much of what we do today is about getting in flow and enjoying the work. I know that when I started the online business, I was like many people, I was creating content and I was doing an email and I was writing a web page and I was doing a live and I was doing a post and it was all very scattered. And I found it very frustrating. And the great thing about content is you've got to do it and express your passion you've got to do with enjoyment. And the way to enjoy it, believe me, is to batch the work. So when you block the time in your calendar, really important to batch it, because then you get in the flow. And I know that whatever you do, it's not about actually creating lots and lots and lots, it's actually just about enjoying the work and if you batch your time, you will really really enjoy it.

So my three secrets for creating great content is number one, set a calendar for the next 52 weeks or if you haven't got that time set up for the next 13 weeks of the topics that you want to talk about and then create the content around those. Number two is make sure to block out time in your calendar to be able to do the work. And secret number three is make sure that you batch your time and get in the flow and really enjoy the process. Hopefully that's been helpful for you.

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