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Ideas to Increase Productivity While Working Remotely

So how are you finding working from home as the journey continues in this amazing year of 2020 and you're wondering, are we going to be doing this again next year in 2021? Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury I'm an international executive business coach and I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. And I have been working here at my kitchen table for the last three years. So I'm pretty familiar what it's like to be working remotely. But before that, before I transitioned online three years ago, I was in the corporate world for 25 years and I was just reading this report by Microsoft today who were looking to be giving the option to a lot of their staff to be able to work remotely and permanently in the future. And that kind of follows on a bit of a trend that's happening with the big tech companies like Twitter And Facebook and many, many more. And I was also readinga Stanford University survey that they conducted in August where over 35 percent of the full time workforce...

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Blog #5 The Young Generation - 12 Day Challenge


This week's blog is to let you know about the Young Entrepreneurs Academy - 12 Day Challenge.

It is a challenge to help those interested in the future of our wonderful young generation.

For 12 days from 8th to 20th August I will be joined every day by Isabella Carter, mother of two children and wife of Michael Carter living in Australia 

Watch this video where I explain the reason for having a 12 day challenge on this important topic and how it will benefit you 

Here is how you can join the discussion for FREE

Click on this link and Register for FREE - Young Entrepreneurs 12 Day Challenge

Hope to see you part of this wonderful event

Talk soon





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The 6 Secrets You Need to Know to Grow a Successful Online Business

Find out these 6 secrets and then implement them as quickly as possible to create success for your online business.