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Ideas to Increase Productivity While Working Remotely

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So how are you finding working from home as the journey continues in this amazing year of 2020 and you're wondering, are we going to be doing this again next year in 2021? Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury I'm an international executive business coach and I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. And I have been working here at my kitchen table for the last three years. So I'm pretty familiar what it's like to be working remotely. But before that, before I transitioned online three years ago, I was in the corporate world for 25 years and I was just reading this report by Microsoft today who were looking to be giving the option to a lot of their staff to be able to work remotely and permanently in the future. And that kind of follows on a bit of a trend that's happening with the big tech companies like Twitter And Facebook and many, many more. And I was also readinga Stanford University survey that they conducted in August where over 35 percent of the full time workforce in America are working remotely compared to two percent last year. And obviously we know what's causing all of that. But the question is, how long is it going to continue?

I want to share with you, because I've been doing this now for three years, working online, working from home for my kitchen table and how it is I transitioned online and how it is you can do that, too. But also, if you are working from home and maybe you're working in your business from home or you've got your own business or you've got an online business like myself, then here's a few ideas I'm going to share with you. Three big ideas of how it is you can use this opportunity working from home and running your business more opportunistically. 

So the first big idea is to look at the opportunity to delegate remotely specific expertise. So, for example, in my online business, for many of the three years that I've been involved in online, I was doing a lot of the work myself. I was doing the admin, I was doing the video editing. I was scheduling all my social media and now see the opportunity to be able to delegate that out to other people around the world. And that is the opportunity you have as well through the use of technology.

And number two, if you consider that we are able to now give the opportunity to give work to other people, that might be less well off than ourselves. This is a big opportunity. And I know this is a social impact that maybe people are not aware of. But for me, I'm doing quite a lot of research around a new book that I'm Writing and also a lot of the work that I'm doing by the Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course, the opportunity now to be able to give work to people less well off than you working in developing countries. I was amazed because in the research I was looking at that in places like Europe and America, that one in six people live below the poverty line. So it's not just developing countries, but also developed countries. There's opportunities of skills and talents that you can actually get in and be able to give them the work and the opportunities. So that's number two, the opportunity to give work to people who may really benefit from it. That would only be at a fraction of the cost of what it is you might be charging your own time out as well.

Number three, and this is a big one for me, because having had twenty five years in the corporate world, of which 10 of those years were running an international business. But I want to share this with you today, because I know for a lot of people it may be something new, but we have an opportunity today to work a 24/7 business, not necessarily ourselves, but through technology. So, for example, I have people that help me in the US who are now 14 or 17 hour time difference. It's just about to change out there in certain parts of America. In London, there is a 10hour time difference. And here in Australia, I can deal with Asia and Australia And my team pretty much in my working day, but particularly with Europe and also with America and Africa. When you finish your day, you can actually then outsource that work to people who are in those locations so that they can be working on your projects for your tasks when you are sleeping. That gives you the opportunities that when you wake up in the morning, then that work is back in your inbox ready for you to do. And you've moved a step forward because the work that you needed done was done when you were sleeping. And that is an opportunity that really, really we've got today because the technology allows us to do that. But sometimes you just need to think like that. And I know even with my international experience, I'm also guilty of that as well.

So I wanted to show those three ideas with you, if you are working remotely, then we have this opportunity to be able to do to give people specific expertise that we've got specific expertise and be able to delegate out to them in certain parts of the world. We have the opportunity to give work to people who may very well really,really benefit from it because they might be working in developing countries or in developed countries where they are really under extreme conditions at the moment. And number three, that big one, to be able to work 24/7 and be able to delegate the work when you finished your working day to be able to find that in the next day that you're starting into the work has been done for you when you're sleeping.

Hopefully that's been a benefit for you. If you are thinking of going online, then I'm going to put below here a free checklist, a 12 step checklist on how it is. You can make that transition online and it's absolutely free. You can download it. I've used it many times. I think the first time I used was back in April 2019 when I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy and within six months over 600 people joined the program. So I can't guarantee that's going to happen for you. But I will give you that checklist. All you need to do is click on the link below, download it and it's yours for absolutely free wherever you are. Take care. And most importantly today, keep safe!

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