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Do You Feel Stuck in Your 9-5 Job? I Transition Online Challenge


I just thought I'd take you back a couple of years with a little bit of a story today with my blog this week.

Two years ago, I had been out of the corporate world for a year and I was doing a lot of business coaching. to teach the young kids in that particular school. What it is I believe is really important today, that the education system is not teaching the younger generation, which is around mindset, problem solving, using your imagination, being creative and just the things that you know are so important in life that I've learned. But unfortunately, the education system don't teach the kids. And then that went to another school and another school. And I ended up I was teaching this academy, which I called my Young Entrepreneurs Academy in schools in Australia and three schools, one in Sydney, one in Melbourne and one just in and north of Brisbane. And I'm just outside one of these schools. And I just thought I'd come back to it because so much has happened to me in...

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Happy New Year 2019 My Business Blog for this Week - 3rd January……..


 Hi All!.............

As I sit here writing to you at Brisbane airport about to board a flight to Dubai ready to begin my 2 week RTW trip …I think to myself how grateful I am to be doing what I love to do - Inspiring and serving so many people around the world – This is the greatest time ever to be alive. I would like to wish you all a happy and successful New Year 2019

Thank you for your support in 2018………………                    

As always please share my blog and social media posts with all your friends as that is how we build a community. Also I would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions of content for future weeks

Some items of news for this month of January……………..

  1. As part of my monthly membership training program, in January, I will be travelling ‘Round the World’ and presenting a series of Livecasts...
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The 6 Secrets You Need to Know to Grow a Successful Online Business

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