Hi there!

My name is Jimmi Bradbury.

I help entrepreneurially minded people stuck in a 9-5 job (or business they own that feels like a job) to have more Freedom in their life through creating an online business they love sharing their knowledge and expertise.

I call this 'living the life you imagine'

For over 25 years I lived and worked in the corporate world both as an employee working the 9-5 job and a business owner.
In 2018, a series of events changed my life for everย 
Looking back I now realize in both cases I was like so many people today, trading my valuable time for money: the paycheck at the end of the month.

During my career I have lived and worked around the world in great places like New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Hong Kong, Manila, India, Dubai & London.

Finally, I had enough.

In 2017, I transitioned out of the corporate world and began sharing my knowledge and experience online in what I call the ‘knowledge commerce’ industry, sometimes called the knowledge or wisdom industry. Forbes forecast this industry will grow to $325 billion industry by 2025.

In April 2019 I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course that I use to teach in schools in Australia and within the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program from all 5 continents around the world.

Today, I coach people from all walks of life around the world on how to successfully transition online and monetize their knowledge and life experiences – From Olympic athletes, Best-selling authors, CEOs of multimillion dollar companies, holistic, life and business coaches, actors, single parents working from home, company, doctors, yoga teachers, physiotherapists and the list goes on….

I love to make a difference by sharing my story, advice, and life experiences with others.

Giving back and contributing to ‘worthy causes’ in the community, together with serving and inspiring people, brings me happiness and fulfillment. This is my ‘Why’.

My Core Values in life are Gratitude, Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Loyalty and Joy. 

If you ‘join the dots’ you will find there is a better way to live the 'Life You Imagine'.

I look forward to serving and inspiring You on your journey.

With Gratitude


Life is more than just work... 
This is my favorite sport.


Images from my life

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