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MEDS — The 4 Keys To Online Success

coach coaching digital marketing internet marketing online business online marketing social media marketing Jul 01, 2022

So I'm almost four years into creating a successful online business. And I want to share with you today the four ideas on how I've been doing that. These are the ideas that I believe are needed by everybody if you want to succeed online. 


So tip number one is to meditate every day. For me, this has been an enormous help, because I believe that if you want to be successful online, 20% percent of that success comes from knowing the strategies and tactics. But 80% of it comes from having the mindset to believe that you can do it, getting rid of all those limiting beliefs of what if, what if it doesn't go well? What if nobody follows me? What if I'm not successful? What if nobody buys my courses and programs? You need to turn those around into a positive body, but in order to do that, you need to have the mindset to believe, to have the thoughts you need to have the ability to be able to see the positive that can help you succeed online. So meditation is number one.


Number two is exercise. This is huge, exercising not just physically every day. And for me that involves swimming and kite surfing. But also that mental awareness, to be able to mentally meditate to be able to think about how you can do great things, how you can serve people, or how you can take your knowledge and experience and be able to help people, you need to be able to exercise that mindfulness to do it. Also, exercising your emotions is being vulnerable being out there. And being conscious of what people need help with that's really important is exercising both your emotions and your mindfulness as well as physically. 


So tip number three is diet. This is absolutely key for me when I was in the corporate world, it was always the fast lunches. It was always the corporate dinners in the evening. And then you felt at the end of the day really bloated and couldn't sleep. And that just had a spiral of effect on not just your sleep, but also your weight and your ability to be able to really be productive 100% of the working day. For me now it involves three healthy meals every single day with breakfast, a good lunch, and a good evening meal early to be able to allow yourself to wind down and be able to sleep well in the evening. That's tip number three is diet. 


And tip number four in terms of creating the success I've got online, is making sure that you get good sleep. For me this is absolutely vital. And I think this is absolutely the key thing is that you need at least seven to eight hours sleep every day, at least I do. People will say to you, well, Jimmy, I can survive on four hours sleep, and you can physically you can, but emotionally and mentally. All the studies show that that's not possible. All of the research shows you need at least six or possibly seven and up and perfectly you know, that would be eight hours sleep. So for me that's been absolutely key to get good sleep.


So the success for me online I believe has come down to four things meditation, exercise, diet, and sleep. And that's what I call my meds. If you want to be successful online or in any part of your life, you might need these four things or at least start to try one or two of them if you're not already doing.


Hopefully you found that value. Don't forget to press the button to subscribe. I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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