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3 Steps To Rapidly Grow Your Online Business

coach coaching digital marketing internet marketing online business online marketing social media marketing Jun 17, 2022

So you've created your online course. And it's out there in the world and people are buying it. And everybody's very happy. But then things start slowing down. And I see this so many times they create online courses, they create great programs, but things then begin to slow down.

Today, I want to share with you three ideas on how it is you can very rapidly grow and scale your online business.

Over the last three years, I've coached over 100 people all around the world. And I see this so many times they launch their online course, they start bringing in revenue, they impact people, but then things begin to stop. So they came back to me, and I want to share with you how I help them take it to the next stage three ideas today on how it is that you can really rapidly grow your online business. 

Number one, fundamentally, everything starts with having regular weekly content. And the content needs to be in long form. So it can be a video, it can be a blog, it can be a podcast. But as we grow our international businesses, we need to get into the discipline of having one piece of weekly content that we then put out to our audience. The next step beyond that is if you can then cut up that content and start repurposing it around social media, you get this kind of viral effect, because today we've got automated schedulers, all we need to do is take that piece of content, and then cut it up and repurpose it around social media. And that's pretty much your content work done for the week. So it's really important that you create content that your audience wants, that helps them with either a problem that you're going to solve, or getting them a result for an aspiration or a result that they're trying to achieve. And putting that content together every single week. Having the discipline to do that is fundamental to growing your online business. I can't emphasize that strongly enough. And it's only when I got myself into the discipline of doing that, then things really, really began to happen. So one piece of long form content, a blog, video, whatever it might be a podcast, whatever it might be, get into the discipline of doing it every single week. That's tip number one.

Tip number two is to schedule in your calendar to do live campaigns, that is where you have an event. And you might be launching something for the first time or you've got something already like an offer that you wanted them to bundle up in a different way or you might want to put it in with other offers. And then you have a campaign, a series of events that lead towards the launch of that particular product or offer a company out there that do it remarkably well, that we all know very well is when the new iPhone comes out, there's always a campaign to launching the new iPhone, there is a buildup, it's like that new movie that's been released, there's a build up towards the event, so that everybody is waiting with anticipation. And then when it's released, you get this surge of people actually buying the product. So making sure that you schedule in your calendar, I recommend when you're growing your online business minimum, the absolute minimum is that you quarterly do a live campaign. So that's tip number two.

Tip number three, when you're really growing your online business is to have what we call funnels. Now I've talked about this before. And when you have a funnel, you have prospects that come in at the top traditionally, and then they come down into being customers, clients or students. But today in online education, knowledge commerce funnels are seen horizontally because they are continuously educating your audience. So you have them coming into an opt in, you give them a series of value and then lead them to an offer that they may or may not take, and then have a closed down email sequence all of that is held together with an email sequence and tied in with your platform on an auto responder. Now the key here to grow your online business is not just to have these funnels going live a bit like a campaign, but is to have the running evergreen way where people can access the funnel. 24/7 really key that's tip number three is to have evergreen funnels.

These three things if you practice them, put them in place and most importantly, implement them, meaning you schedule them in your calendar and you actually do them number one, content, rhythm, weekly content, rhythm number two live campaigns minimum quarterly and ongoing. Regularly, I say weekly, having 24/7 evergreen files and have those running all of the time.

Those are the three key things that if you want to really grow your business online to 567 figures monthly, you need to have those three pieces in place. And then you'll see your business really growing when you actually have that consistency. Hopefully that's been helpful for you today.

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