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Shiny Objects Syndrome

coach coaching digital marketing internet marketing online business online marketing social media marketing May 04, 2022

Have you ever seen so many people today struggle to create an online business? From over 100 clients that I've worked with now over the last three years, creating successful online businesses. One of the big problems that people have is struggling with the shiny object syndrome. It is a big part of our life today with so many distractions. The new iPhone.


Last year in the online world, everybody wanted to be on Clubhouse, everybody wanted to be on Instagram, everybody wanted to be on Facebook. And all of these distractions we've got are killing us. When we're trying to focus on the great work that we want to do today.


I want to share with you these ideas on how we can get rid of these distractions, be able to focus on our work, and also get rid of once and for all, the shiny object syndrome.


Tip number one, make sure that, you know the way you work. It's really important.


So many people are just bumbling through their work every day, and they don't actually know how it is they do their work. Seems a bit surprising, but I believe it comes back to intentional. You've got to be intentional in the work that you do. You've got to have the mindset, the beliefs, the thoughts, and the habits to be able to focus on the work that you're doing. So, for example, my intention always is to plan out my day, and I do that the night before. I'm very intentional about how my day runs. It doesn't always work according to plan, but I'm intentional about how my day runs focusing on the night before and planning out the day.

Number two, I create habits around how I do things. So, for example, intentionally, I will only work on a task for 50 minutes. Then I take a ten minute break, go outside, take some water, maybe walk around, refresh, and then get back in and do the second thing. Because I think so many people today are working for hours and hours and hours. They're not taking any breaks, they're not finding themselves productive, and that's because they don't have a habit around creating a space and also a time to be able to do their work. 


Number three is being really focused on the routines that you've got, whether it's a morning routine, an evening routine, maybe it's a midday routine, but making sure that you've got routines on how your day is structured. Be very careful about how it is you. Set up your day and be aware of how it is going to run.


Tip number 4 is to be really conscious about numbering the projects that you've got and setting the goals and making them realistic. I think today in the world that's changing really, really quickly. Setting one three five year goals is very, very difficult to do because so much is changing so quickly I believe setting 90 day goals and making those realistic is really important so in my business I set three month 90 day goals I create a plan around those I set out all of the activities that I need to do to be able to implement and achieve that goal or at least have the opportunities to be able to achieve it I then schedule out all those tasks and if you've got a team assign some of those tasks to your team to be able to help you and then most importantly implement we have got to implement that is the key thing in everything that we do online is to be able to implement so making sure that we're aware of the projects that we're working on, Limit them to the numbers of projects that you work on and setting realistic goals that's tip number two.

Tip number 5 is managing distractions today we've got so many distractions email, social media, website, people messaging us we've got so many distractions and it's really important that we set up a framework to be able to manage those for me personally, I shut down all my notifications during the day when I'm working I turn off my phone and I know that causes problems Because people get frustrated because they can't get hold of me but I do set clear boundaries around how it is I work because it's so important that I create good content that I actually get what is helpful out there in terms of value to the people and my audience and in order to do that I cannot be distracted so I switch off my phone, I turn off my notifications and it helps me get in the flow and I'm not constantly getting distracted.

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