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3 Ideas to Grow Your Email List

coach coaching digital marketing internet marketing online business online marketing social media marketing Jul 29, 2022

When people ask me what is the most important thing in my online business, without a shadow of a doubt it is to be able to have an online email list. An email list allows you to be able to communicate with people, your audience, those that are engaged with you, those that are looking forward to your content in a way that no other platform can do. If you're thinking about social media, it's fantastic.

But the algorithms are always working against us, it makes it more difficult to get our message out there. And the only way to control that is to have an email list. Today, I want to share with you three ideas on how it is you can grow your number one acid in your online business, your email list.

Tip number one is make sure that you're putting out original content around the pain points that your ideal customer has, that you can help them solve, or the aspiration the dream the place, they actually want to get to, to be able to help them fulfill that need or that want, it's really important that you do that in the content. I'm putting out free content on a regular basis in the form of a digital product, for example, which could be a PDF, it could be a checklist, it could be a video series, there's many ways that we can put out content now digitally, that helps our ideal customer with their problems, or with our aspirations. So that's idea number one to grow your email list.

Idea number two to grow your email list is to be able to put on a webinar or today we know them as masterclasses, they could be a workshop, they could be any way where you get people to register for an event where you train them, you give them valuable content. And you do that in exchange for the name and email. That's a wonderful way to be able to create a big email list very, very quickly. So that's tip number two.

And tip number three is getting people to collaborate with partners so that they can share your content, whether it is your webinar, your master class, or whether it's your free digital online product, get them to be able to do that and share it with their network. That is tip number three on how it is to be able to grow your number one asset today with your online business, which is your email list. 

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