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How And Where To Start An Online Business

coach coaching digital marketing internet marketing online business online marketing social media marketing Apr 07, 2022

Have you ever wondered how or where to start an online business? It's one of the most common things that people ask of me. They say "Jimmi, how do I start to create an online business?" either they want to start fresh, they want to build a side project, or maybe they've already got an existing business that's more traditional, and they want to grow it online.


Today, I want to share with you three ideas on how you can kick start your business if you want to take it online.

A couple of months ago, one of my clients came to me, and they were looking to grow an online part of their business, they already had a very successful one on one coaching business, they're pretty much full up. And now it was beginning to drain them energetically, because the other part of their business, which was the corporate training, was very hit and miss. And they wanted to grow their business, but they were stuck.


Because the one-on-one coaching was pretty much full up. So they came to me and they said, "Jimmi, how can I start to grow an online component of my business?".


So I want to share with you the three ideas that I gave them, now she is very successfully growing her online business.

Number one, I always say start with the end in mind, begin and look at where it is, you might want to be in the next three months, the next six months, the next 12 months. Really, what is it? What is your goal? Where do you want to get to? That is absolutely key when you begin.


Now your goal may be one of health and well being. It may be one of family and friends and clients and team. Or maybe it's part of the business and you want to know financially where you want to be in 12 months. So it's really important that you set your goals, whether it's for 369 or 12 months. Very, very important. That's tip number one.

Tip number two, is to really work out what the strategy is to be able to hit that goal. So in the case of my client, it was important that she wanted to grow by 25%. Her business, she realized she was stuck because she couldn't do what I wanted in coaching. She also realized that her corporate training was hit and miss. So she wanted to grow a business by 25%.


And the area that she wanted to do was online. Now how could she do that? When she came to me, we looked at various options, an online course, a membership program, a mastermind, and we looked at how we could hit the targets that she was looking for, and broke it back down into those individual components of an online course and a membership program. So that is the strategy, you got to put a strategy behind what your goals are. So that it gives you a plan, which we're going to talk about in a moment about how it is you're going to move towards your goals.


After that, it becomes pretty much those your targets, those your goals, that's your strategy. Now, how is it you can put together a plan to be able to implement activities that will help you get towards your goal. And this is where it really is like, this is really the crunch stuff. This is really the difficult part for most people. They've got their goal, they've got their strategy, but it's the implementation.


That's absolutely key. And working with my client, we set ourselves out monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. So for example, in terms of monthly goals, we worked out for the next 12 months, what the promotions were going to be, what the campaigns were going to be, how is it that we're going to be able to monthly be able to do something really significant. We mapped it out, then over the next 12 months and got it scheduled in the calendars and put it on the wall chart. We also then looked at what our weekly goals were.


And in the case of working with a client very similar to me, two major, weekly goals. And they are creating really good content and getting into a rhythm of how to do that. And then creating free content, which we call lead magnets, and also putting them together against marketing and sales funnels. Those are two key goals that we were putting together in terms of what it is we're going to be doing each week and mapping those out and putting them in the calendar and scheduling in the wall chart so that everybody in the team knew what needed to be done not only every month, but also every week. And then we got down to what the daily activities were, what were the things that you were going to do that we're going to help you move towards your goals.


And we work through the leads, getting into direct messaging, reaching out to people, making contact with people that you already know, using client referrals, asking for them, asking them for recommendations. So writing down exactly what the daily goals and the daily non negotiables are that you have to do every single day to be able to move the business forward. So it's really key when you are building your business that you have number one, goal number two, a strategy.


And number three, a plan of how it is you can implement the activities that will take you towards your goal at the end of the day.

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