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What Do You Do?

coach coaching digital marketing internet marketing online business online marketing social media marketing Jun 10, 2022

I guess you've been asked many times the question, what do you do? I know for me, anytime I go to a networking event, people always ask me, "Jimmi, what do you do?" I guess you can resonate with that. And the most common responses.

You're a coach, you're an architect, you're a physiotherapist. You're psychiatrists, you're a doctor, you're an engineer. Those are the common responses we get.

Today, I want to share with you my formula that will make it more exciting for the people that are asking that question, and help you clarify clearly what it is you do that will help the people that are asking the question. 

So let's dive into my formula. My formula today in three parts will help you clarify what your message is, and how it is you can help people when they ask you, what do you do?

The three step formula that I've got, which is what I teach all my clients and all my students is as follows.

Step number one is, who do you help? I help X, that X is a very specific person, who do you help? And then what do you help them do? What is it you actually help people do, which is the Y. And then Z is?

What is the benefit of the people that you are helping? So let me just run a scenario with you. When people ask me, "What do I do?" I always respond, "I help people who are stuck in a nine to five or in business they own who trade their time for money", that's the X. What do you help them do, which is the Y. I help them take their knowledge and expertise, their wisdom, their passions, and be able to monetize it online by creating a business online.

That's what I help people do. That's the Y component. And then what is the benefit of the people the Z, what the benefit is, with my scenario is I help them create more time and financial freedom, because they're no longer trading their valuable time for money. That's what I help people do. And if you apply that three step formula to people who ask you what you do, I will promise you, it will get a much better reaction, it will make you stand out.

And it will help clarify with people who ask the question. Now, you might also want to put a little twist at the beginning of it, which is what I do. When people ask me what I do. I say to them, "Do you know people who are stuck in a nine to five or in business, they own trading their time for money, and it still feels like a job?" Will I help those people and then go through my form guy, I help those people take their knowledge and expertise, that wisdom and be able to create an online business by monetizing that knowledge and experience so that they have more time and financial freedom, and they don't have to trade their time for money any longer.

That's what I do. That's what I help people do. Now, I challenge you to also do the same whether you're a doctor, an architect, an engineer, physiotherapist, whatever it is you might be you might be a single parent working from home. When people ask you that question, make it interesting and help to be clear to them by applying my formula. Hopefully that was of value to you.

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