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coach coaching digital marketing internet marketing online business online marketing social media marketing Apr 22, 2022


I did three webinars last week, webinars that were over an hour and a half long teaching, training about what it is I would do if I was starting all over again, in the online worlds the four things I would do to create a seven figure online business. We have people on the webinars from all around the world. And then when we got into q&a at the end of it, the number one question I got from people was clarity.


They lacked clarity, they lacked clarity in their personal lives. They lacked clarity in their professional lives. They lacked clarity, generally in their careers. And today, I want to share with you five ways on how you can get clarity into your life, whether it's your personal life, whether it's your business life, whether it's your career.

So let's dive in.


Tip number one is to really create the space physically and also mentally, to be able to do great work today, we see so many situations where people are operating an absolute mess. I know myself, personally, I can't do it. The space I have here around me, which is my studio, has to have a sense of clarity to it, it has to be clean, I have to be able to feel as though I can do great work. And I can only do that when the place of the surroundings to me is really good and clear. Also, mentally, I need to help my thoughts, I need to have my emotions, I need to have my presence aligned and in a positive mindset to be able to get into a flow to be able to create. So it's really good to be able to create that space physically and mentally to be able to create great work. 


Tip number two is identify what matters. We're all doing so much today. And we're not concentrating on the things that really, really, really matter to us. I know that when I started in the online world, four years ago, I was doing everything. And it wasn't necessarily a good use of my time. Although I wanted to learn everything about my business, which I'm glad I did. There were times when it wasn't a good use of my time. And I decided that I wanted to focus on the things that are really, really passionate about things that matter to me. So for me, it's about creating content. It's about creating these videos, it's about creating emails, it's about creating just good content and courses and programs. I love creating content and copy. I also love delivering my coaching and my training. And after that I delegate everything else, whether it's the admin, whether it's the finances, everything else is delegated. And if it's not delegated, it's deleted out of my business completely. And it just allows me to focus on the things that I'm passionate about, and then allow my team to do everything else. So really important that you identify what matters. 


Tip number three is do one thing at a time. And I'm guilty of this. As a creator, I love creating things. But the reality of it is that unless we're creating things and putting it out, we're not impacting people's lives. We're not helping other people with their problems, helping them reach their aspirations and their goals. All we're doing is impacting ourselves. So tip number three is do one thing at a time, get it out. Don't try and perfect it because as we know perfection leads to procrastination, do the work, get it out there and then get on to the next task. 


Tip number four, this is big, particularly today, eliminate distractions we have today. So many distractions, whether it's media, social media, whether it's the news that we read that we see, whether people are interrupting us, it is so important that we protect our time, we protect our energy, and we set boundaries, otherwise, we are going to get distracted a lot. Turn off those notifications, turn off your phone. Really important. If you're doing work and you're doing good work, it's really important not to be distracted by set blocks of time. For me personally, I have only 50 minutes of my time where I'm really productive and then I have to take a break. Some of the best studies have shown that we can only work productively for no more than 60 minutes and then productivity begins to drop. We need to take a break, even if it's just going to the water cooler, walk outside, take a walk around the clock, which is really important, just for five or 10 minutes and then come back to the next task. So it is really important to eliminate distractions. 


Number five, this is big. It's a combination of things we need to eat well, we need to sleep well. And we need to exercise in all of that for me personally, seven to eight hours sleep every night is absolutely imperative also to eat three good meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for me getting exercise involves physical Exercise, mental exercise and also emotional exercise to be able to manage our emotions to be able to be more aware and to get into flow and have that positive growth mindset to be able to do great work.


So for me, this was what I was sharing with the people that were lacking clarity, five big ideas, create good space. Number two, identify what matters number three, do one thing at a time. Number four, eliminate distractions. And number five, eat well sleep well and make sure that you get good exercise.

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