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How to Earn Multiple Streams of Income Online

Have you ever wondered how you could earn more income beyond just trading your valuable time for money, a paycheck or salary fee? Do you know that 96% of the workforce today trade their valuable time for money, that paycheck, that salary, that fee.

Today, I want to share with you three ideas that you can very quickly earn income beyond just trading your time for money.

Idea number one being able to earn passive income. Now what do we mean by passive income, essentially, in the online world, certainly in the space that I'm in, if you create something once like a course, a program, any kind of online digital product, if you create it once, you can sell it multiple times, you can use it social media to be able to promote your program, you can use your email list, you can put it up on your website, you can get affiliates to be able to help you promote your product. So you just create it once and then you can sell it many times the cost of actually putting together the course or...

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Shiny Objects Syndrome

Have you ever seen so many people today struggle to create an online business? From over 100 clients that I've worked with now over the last three years, creating successful online businesses. One of the big problems that people have is struggling with the shiny object syndrome. It is a big part of our life today with so many distractions. The new iPhone.


Last year in the online world, everybody wanted to be on Clubhouse, everybody wanted to be on Instagram, everybody wanted to be on Facebook. And all of these distractions we've got are killing us. When we're trying to focus on the great work that we want to do today.


I want to share with you these ideas on how we can get rid of these distractions, be able to focus on our work, and also get rid of once and for all, the shiny object syndrome.


Tip number one, make sure that, you know the way you work. It's really important.


So many people are just bumbling through their work every day, and they...

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I did three webinars last week, webinars that were over an hour and a half long teaching, training about what it is I would do if I was starting all over again, in the online worlds the four things I would do to create a seven figure online business. We have people on the webinars from all around the world. And then when we got into q&a at the end of it, the number one question I got from people was clarity.


They lacked clarity, they lacked clarity in their personal lives. They lacked clarity in their professional lives. They lacked clarity, generally in their careers. And today, I want to share with you five ways on how you can get clarity into your life, whether it's your personal life, whether it's your business life, whether it's your career.

So let's dive in.


Tip number one is to really create the space physically and also mentally, to be able to do great work today, we see so many situations where people are operating an absolute mess. I know...

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Why Olympic Athletes Have Coaches


Have you ever wondered what it is that makes an Olympic athlete successful? Is it a skill set? Is it talent, dedication, or maybe hard work?

Last week, I had the privilege of spending some time with some Olympic swimmers. And the number one reason they told me that they're successful is because they've got a coach. In fact, for many of them, they've got more than one coach.

Today, I want to share with you the three reasons why people come to me to get coaching help to be able to create an online business.

Tip number one, people come to me because they want to know what the map is, they want to know how it is they can get from where they are usually stuck in a nine to five job or maybe a business they own trading their time for money, and how it is they want to create more time and financial freedom by having an online business. For the last four years, I've been helping over 100 people create online businesses, including my own business, which started back in 2017. So I...

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How And Where To Start An Online Business

Have you ever wondered how or where to start an online business? It's one of the most common things that people ask of me. They say "Jimmi, how do I start to create an online business?" either they want to start fresh, they want to build a side project, or maybe they've already got an existing business that's more traditional, and they want to grow it online.


Today, I want to share with you three ideas on how you can kick start your business if you want to take it online.

A couple of months ago, one of my clients came to me, and they were looking to grow an online part of their business, they already had a very successful one on one coaching business, they're pretty much full up. And now it was beginning to drain them energetically, because the other part of their business, which was the corporate training, was very hit and miss. And they wanted to grow their business, but they were stuck.


Because the one-on-one coaching was pretty much full up. So they came to me and...

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How to Focus on People Who Need The Most Help

Have you ever seen how it is that certain people struggle to build an online business? The number one reason is because they don't know who their ideal customer is. They're trying to please everybody. They're trying to sell the program, the course, and the product to everybody. And they're not really focusing on who is my ideal customer.


They're not focusing and spending the time to research, what the problems are, the pain points that their customers have, or maybe the desires and the dreams of the customer that they can help. Over 90% of people today who start up online businesses quit after a year.


Today, I want to share with you a couple of ideas, and how it is you can successfully build an online business.

When people come to work with me, I always share with them how it is I have built my online business, from the struggles to the triumphs to where I am today. And I always come back to some core issues.


The number one thing is know who your customer is,...

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3 Steps To Take To Start a Successful Online Business

Have you ever seen so many people today who are struggling to create online businesses or a side project? They've got something that they want to share with the world, they've got a skill, they've got a hobby, they've got a passion, and they want to share what it is. They know people all around the world, you see people building courses and programs, you see people building online businesses everywhere. But there's so many people who struggle with some common things like they don't know how to start. They've got a fear of technology, they've got fear of what other people might think. And I was like that too, when I started in the online world. Today, I want to share with you three steps on how you can create something really, really successful online.

Step number one is to create content that helps people get from A to B. People want to get a result, they want to solve a problem. And they want to do it really, really quickly. That's why they're looking for somebody like you. So it's...

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The 6 Habits You Need to Adopt to Create a Successful Online Business

Today, so many people want to create an online business, but they don't know how where to start, there's overwhelm. And over 50% of people in America have said that they want to create some form of online component in their lives, in their businesses over the next 12 months. But where do you start? What are the habits that you need to implement? Today, I'm going to teach you six habits of how it is, you can develop a very successful online business.

Tip number one is to create good content. I know that sounds like common sense, but it's not always common practice. So many people I see out there creating content, but they're not actually helping their audience. They're just putting out content because it seems good. And there's no recognition of what the audience wants, it's important to find out what is the pain that audience is that they need to get out of? Or where is the aspiration, the desire, where do they want to be in the future, and how is it you can help them get that...

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How to Structure Your Online Course

I know how you feel, you've got four kids, you're in a one-bedroom flat in Chicago, you are homeschooling 24 hours, your partner is there, you're there, and you're doing all the family chores, and you can't even get to your work. What if you had a business where you could work from home, and you could do it in a couple of hours each day. And you should be able to deal with all these issues. So, my messaging changed, because I recognized people were going through these struggles, the last thing they had on my mind was having this time and financial freedom and, and a passive income and all of that.


So, your message is going to change over time. And you need to be aware, most importantly, of where your audience is. I don't know if you get this opportunity this evening, but look for every opportunity to not assume what you think your audience needs, ask them what is important when you address their core problems and their aspirations and desires. Don't put down what you think...

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How to 10x your existing value [5 TIPS]

Have you ever met two people, and one of them is earning $50,000. And the other is earning $500,000. Both of them are teaching the same program, the same course, the same curriculum, but one's earning 10 times more than the other. How could it be? They represent 4% of the population who know how it is, they're able to 10x what it is they already know, compared to 96% of the world who don't, today want to share with you five ideas to help you be able to 10x wherever it is you do.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an internationall executive business coach. And I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

First tip, appreciate that you're worthy to be able to receive more, I know that sometimes it is difficult for people to understand. But psychologically, you have to have the mindset to believe that you can earn more than you already do.

Tip number two, is be able to understand the value that you've already created, and what you've invested in yourself to get there. So...

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