100 days of writing my book- Day 22-28- The online world

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

It is day 22 of writing my very first book, which I've given myself 100 days to do, and over the 100 days I'm going to write a book about my last 10 years and my journey of transitioning out of the corporate world. Also, businesses I owned where, like so many people today, we end up trading our valuable time for money. And now what an opportunity we have in the world to be able to leverage our knowledge and our experience of technology and no longer have to trade our valuable time for money.


So first of all, here are some tips if you are doing videos, one, you could do it as a Facebook live directly. You could do it as a recorded video, or you could do it as stories, you know, which are the 15 second clips.  The first thing you need to remember is that if you are doing a live video into Facebook, make sure that your camera on your phone, if you're using your phone, is in landscape.


Number two, a lot of people kind of freeze because they don't know what they want to say. Here's some tips for you. In order to help you, if you do need notes, just get a little Post-it and stick it above your camera. I would say put out three bullet points and then just talk to those three bullet points. And then the third thing is, if you're doing Facebook lives and you want to practice, set the setting, just me, just yourself, and then just practice and practice away. And then when you've got the confidence, just press “go live”.

Day 23

The key thing is if you've got an online business and you are doing video content, the very first thing you need to do is come into the video and enter the conversation that's going on in people's head. What is the problem that's keeping them awake at night? You have to hold the audience there with you with interesting conversation around something that's really important to them. Second thing is tell them who you are and why you feel you're the person to be able to address this issue number three, then start teaching three to five things around the problem so they could be one, two, three. This is the issue. Now, here's the three ways that I believe are the most important that can solve this problem. And what's important also is you bring into those teaching points either your own experiences or you can curate the stories of your clients, people. You know, obviously there needs to be an element of confidentiality around it. But bringing storytelling to your element of when you're teaching it is so important. And then number four, when you finish or about to finish your video, make sure you give some direction as to what you want people to do. People that are watching your videos need to be directed somewhere.

Day 24

I would like to share with you today what I think is really important if you're writing a book. I guess this applies to people that are writing books at the moment or thinking about writing a book. I want to share with you today a big idea that I learned from my mentor, who's written many, many books, numbers of books that are New York Times best selling. Just fantastic.

He is an online coach. He is also somebody who's a well-known author. And I'm in his mastermind group. And it's fantastic to be able to get that kind of inspiration and also get that kind of knowledge and help. One of the things that so many people that are writing books today miss out on. If you are writing a book today in the online world, it is so important because you will miss this opportunity if you don't, that you actually have what I call a back in sales strategy today.

The opportunity is to be able to do a number of things. The things I'm going to be doing in terms of the backend sales strategy is that pretty much immediately after my book has been launched or published, there is going to be the opportunity for people to be able to buy my online course version of what's in the book. So essentially it will be an online course, which I will be training people on how it is they can transition like I did out of the nine to five out of the corporate world and be able to get online.


There's also an opportunity to be able to put together a membership program because the online courses you create once and then you're able to sell it multiple times and it gives you the passive income. Then the membership program just gives you that recurring income when people join. Membership that you've put together.

Number three, you could just do an e-book version of it as well. Well, why is an e-book? Because actually then people are able to send that on electronically onto other people. And you could charge for it maybe seven dollars, five dollars, maybe even you don't charge for it. But it's another opportunity to be able to get information in front of your audience.

Day 25

There's three things that if you want to be successful online, meaning getting in the flow and doing what you're enjoying doing, which means that you're impacting people's lives and not thinking about the money. Three things. One, do something that you really, really, really enjoy doing all of the time every day.


Number two, do something where you've got the skills or you're prepared to learn the skills that make it even more enjoyable doing that work. And number three, finding out what it is people need help with. And if you can help them solve those problems, then you are going to have an impact on people's lives rather than just thinking about how much money I can make.

Day 26 

And I want to just share with you three ideas that if you are thinking about getting a coach, you're thinking about getting a mentor. There are three things that can help you. One is they can help you get from where you are to where you want to get to really quickly, like for me, video voice presentation using that beautiful voice of not of mine, but by voice. It's a gift I have. It's a gift you have you're watching this video and you've got a voice. Use it. Number two, they can keep you accountable. And I guess, number three, there is that opportunity to be able to fast track that growth in her.

Day 27


In terms of where I want to get to and have the accountability is also important. So those are some of the ideas behind why it is. I've got to coach, I'm going to talk today very briefly about what I believe is the number one asset in your online business. And if you are not online and you want to go online, this is the number one asset in your online business. And I know for a lot of people, it's going to be a big surprise because a lot of people don't use it consciously, but subconsciously they do, because your number one asset in your online business is your list, your email list, because essentially, if you've got a good email list of people that are engaged in what you do with the press of a button, you can actually get a message out to them instantaneously.


We have other avenues that we can connect and communicate with are largely through social media, through your website. But there is no way and all the research shows this 10 times more powerful than social media is having a good email list. And it's really important that we focus on actually growing our email list. If we are online, they can get what it is you've got to say that day or what it is you've got to be able to offer them, or it may be a free download or whatever it might be when we're doing social media even like this, when I'm doing a live into my own Facebook page, there is no guarantee that the people that follow me will get this video either live or in replay, because that's outside our control.


The algorithms that the social media businesses like this one Facebook have set up are going to determine whether your audience actually sees a video or a post. And that is getting more difficult every single day because the big social media companies are forcing people to pay for advertisements. And that's the reason why it's more difficult daily to get your message, your story, what it is you might have to offer out to your audience. So that's number one. Number two, how do we build our email list?


Well, there's many ways today that we can build our email list. We can build it by having an opt in, which is really a place. And you'll have seen this every time you're subscribing to something or you're downloading something for free, you're putting your name and email in, you're opting in for a piece of information that could be free or maybe you have to pay for it. And that's what we call people opting in with their name and email in exchange to get something that will help them, a solution to a problem that that would solve that problem for them.


So that is what we call opt in. And that is the freebie that you get. It could be a challenge. It could be a webinar you might want to join. It could be a newsletter. There's many things that people opting for. Number three, I would encourage you to do if you're not already doing it, because it's really important. And I know that when I'm talking to people who've got email lists or starting email, is this the thing they miss out on?


And that is to make sure that you're monitoring the analytics around it and that you're reporting against how your email list is doing each week or even each month. I believe that if you're not measuring something, then I'm not sure you can actually really track where it is going. And I think that applies to everything. And it's not just email. It's your personal life, your business life, whatever it might be. It's really important to be able to track it and do the reports, review them and repeat.


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