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How to keep people on your website longer [ 4 TIPS ]

#business; #startup; #coaching; #training business coach opt in page testimonials webiste Jan 05, 2022

Have you ever spent lots of time, perhaps even lots of money, getting people to your website, only to find that they leave. Research shows that we've got no more than six seconds to be able to capture people's attention and keep them on your website. Today, I want to teach you four ways on how it is you can keep people on your website for longer.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business Coach. And I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. It's so important today that we capture people's attention really quickly when they land on our website. And I want to show you today, four ways on how it is you can keep people on your website for longer. So let's dive in.

Tip #1 Have an opt in page

Right at the top fold of your website homepage. an opt in page is very simply a place where you're able to provide value that helps people solve a problem and a free piece of content in exchange for their name and email. If you don't know what an opt in pages, go and have a look at my website, and you'll see how I provide free content that helps people with a problem in my topic area in exchange for their name and email. Once you've got people's names and email, then you can provide valuable content, when and how it is you want on like on social media, where we're dependent on the algorithms to be able to get the content out to who it is we want to get it to. Most importantly, so that's number one, be able to provide and create an opt in page on the homepage of your website.

Tip#2 Testimonials

This is so important, to be able to provide testimonials on your website for people who paid for your courses in programs or product. It's never been more apparent for me over the last couple of weeks where I've seen a huge rise of people who come into my programs and courses. And the vast majority of them have all said that even though they found me on social media, or through referrals from the people, the very first thing they did was go to my website and see what testimonials were there from people who bought my courses and programs and testimonials could be videos. They could be written, they could be social proof. These are all examples of testimonials from people who bought your courses and programs and who you've worked with and got results for. It's so important that you have testimonials on your website.

Tip #3 Free content

And this is really, really key is that today in the world that we live in, where information is available everywhere, it's really important that on your website, you provide lots of lots of free content. It might be blogs, it might be videos, it might be checklists, there's an abundance of ways that we can actually provide free content now to the people that visit our website. And it's important that we do that.

Tip #4 Sell something

And this is the real distinguish in point between whether your website is for you and your hobby or what is your website is for you and your business is that there must be ways on your website that people can actually buy your courses and programs or products and be able to check out and pay. So you must have a checkout page that people can buy. And they can use PayPal, or they can use stripe use their credit card. But it's really important that on your website, if you are using your website for a business, that you actually have a place that people can buy your course programs and products. That's really great.

So recap. Number one, if you are looking to use your website to be able to help people on their journey, it's really important that number one you have got on your website, the ability for people to be able to opt in and get free content in exchange for their name and email. Number two, to be able to provide lots and lots and lots of valuable content for free. Number three, testimonials are so important. The testimonials could be videos, they could be blogs, they could be social proof, really important that there's testimonials from clients, customers, students who've actually bought your courses, programs and products and you've got results for them. And number four really important if you've got a business and you're using website for your business, there must be a place for people to be able to check out and pay for the programs, courses and products using PayPal or stripe credit card.

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