100 days of writing my book- The Purpose

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2021

There are five freedoms that you get when you're online, and there's no dispute that people, when they're online, are having the time to spend with the people that they love. So, for instance, this week, I think I've worked about 20 hours and I'm earning about 10 times what I earned when I was in the corporate world. And I have that opportunity now to be able to give back pretty much all of that to worthy causes around the world.

It is absolutely there for everybody. You also have financial freedom. You've also got the freedom that I talked about yesterday, which was the freedom to work with the people you want to work with as opposed to having to work with just about everybody because it earns you an income, so you can pay the bills. I did that for 20 years. So if you're doing that today, I can relate to you.

The option that you've now got is an option we've never had before. But the real one for me is the one that really is the most important. You have the freedom of purpose, which is really the one I want to talk about today, the freedom to do the work that you love doing. I believe everybody has been put on this earth to do what it is they really love doing. Unfortunately, we've grown up with beliefs that there is only one way to do things.

That is: you go to school, you go to university, or you go to college or you get a trade. Then you go into a job and you work for 40 hours a week for 40 years to at the end of that, get 40 percent of your salary that we call a pension.
That's how I was brought up. And I think most people are brought up in the same way. But when you actually make that transition and go online, it just opens up everything completely.

There are only two things you need to know if you want to be successful online. One is the strategies. But the biggest one, which is the most challenging one for people, is the mindset. The mindset to believe that you actually can do this. If you can actually frame your mind in a way that you really believe you can do this, then you are fifty one percent of the way there. 

I need to wait for another couple of months before I make a decision for me. Looking back on the last three years of being online, the one thing that's made a difference is that I decided to do it. I look back on my videos, and seriously, they are terrible. But I made a start. And I know that when I talk to people, that's probably the most difficult thing to do.


“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to become great.”


It's a question I get asked all of the time. Jimmy, what is the number one thing that you need to do to be successful online? There's not one thing that you need to do to be successful online. There are a number of things.. I’ll write about strategies now.

Yes, you need to work hard. You need to be disciplined. You need to be focused. You need to have a routine. You need to be intentional and you need to measure.

But underlying that, if you really want to scale your business, I believe that the number one thing you need to have is the systems and the automation in place. It actually reduces the costs because take, for example, sending out emails, organizing meetings, all of that I now have automated, but that has reduced the costs in my business enormously.
The other thing it does is that it increases productivity enormously.
The third thing with systems and automation is that it increases reliability.

So if you are thinking about growing your online business or maybe you're just starting out, make sure that you have the systems and the automation in place, because today that is so, so available.

Having a coach in the online world who's a couple of steps ahead of me transformed my business. 

We all have this gift inside us. We all have it. Why don't we share it with the world? Because we feel it's about ourselves. It's not about ourselves. We've got a gift. Why don't you share it with the world? My challenge to you today would be don't think about yourself. Think about other people that you might be able to inspire.

 We have an opportunity to do it. I challenge you to do it. 

I guarantee you will inspire people.


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