How to Get Back on Track After the Holidays [5 TIPS]

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2022

Have you ever struggled getting back into a routine when you've been away on holiday or maybe the Christmas or Easter break, or one of the festive seasons, and it's so difficult to get back into that routine. I know for me many times I struggled with this. And I know working with my clients, they have the same problem. So you're not alone. But whether it is you've been over sleeping, whether it is you've been eating too much when you're on holiday, whether you just haven't been exercising, or maybe you've just stayed in the same clothes. When you've been away on holiday, we need to get back into routine. Did you know that over 90% of people struggle to get back into a routine when they've been away on holiday for a long period of time. So today, I want to share with you five ideas on how it is you can get yourself back quickly into a routine and brush off all of those holiday blues.

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business Coach. And I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. So let's dive in.

Tip number one, do small things just start small

I think so many people today get overwhelmed, because they try and do too much too quickly. So start small with some of these ideas that I want to share with you today.

Tip number two is get some sleep

I know that so many people when they go away on holiday including myself, we stay up really late at night. And our whole sleeping routine of eight hours and seven hours goes out the window. So whether it is getting to bed early in the evening, or getting up early in the morning, just start something small get into a bit of a routine, either going to bed a bit earlier and winding down your day in the evening, or getting yourself into a routine of getting up early the next day so that you can plan out your day and have plenty of time to do it.

Tip number three is nutrition

Really important. And I know so many people struggle with it. Particularly when you've been away on a holiday, maybe you've been used to people serving you if you've been in accommodation or a hotel. Or maybe you've been away with family and friends. And it's been a lot of deliveries or it's been a lot of takeaways and maybe you've been eating out. And I know it's a struggle. I know it's to go into the grocery and get some good groceries and go shopping. But truly when we make the effort, it's so so good when we get back and we see that nutritious food and we feel it was worth it. Rather than getting you know processed food, get good nutritious food, so that you get that energy back into yourself.

Number four, getting to an exercise rhythm

Again, really important. Physical exercise we know helps us with stress, it helps us with more energy. And getting back into the routine, I know, is really difficult. But again, do it in small steps. And maybe just say I'm going to go to the gym three times a week. And maybe then just increase it over the coming weeks to four times a week. But whatever it is just start small and get yourself into a rhythm. And I like to put into exercise mental exercise because I know that so much to today it's all about helping stress and anxiety and keeping ourselves centered and positive. And having an exercise around a mental exercise. Whether it's meditation or journaling, it's really, really important.

Tip number five is to stay consistent with your habits

Whether it is what you're going to adopt about sleeping and nutrition, or whether it is with exercise, it's important that you get those habits and you stick with them and I know it's going to be difficult. And that's why I say back in tip number one is to start small to begin with. But when you do when you get your habits in place, be consistent with them because consistency is everything.

So just recapping start small, do it in smaller steps when you come back from a long break for our holiday. Number two is get good sleep whether it is going to bed earlier or getting up earlier in the morning. Number three, it's getting yourself into habit of eating nutritious food again, number four is getting good exercise and number five is keeping consistently good habits. 


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