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100 days of writing my book- What would I do differently?

It is the forty-third day of writing my very first book, which is about my journey, transitioning out of the corporate world and going online. I did it in two stages. One is I came out of the nine to five and then went into owning my own businesses. I did that for four or five years and then three years ago went online. And a lot of people ask me when I do lives, about having a look behind the scenes. So I'm going to over the next week, I'm going to open up doing some videos behind the scenes of where I live in Australia. At the moment, I am just north of Brisbane at a place called the Sunshine Coast. I built nearly a seven figure business now for the last three years, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this was possible. One of the things that I enjoy, probably more than anything at the moment, is that I now coach people from all around the world, from all walks of life, single parents, Olympic athletes, CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, yoga teachers,...

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100 days of writing my book- The Purpose

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2021

There are five freedoms that you get when you're online, and there's no dispute that people, when they're online, are having the time to spend with the people that they love. So, for instance, this week, I think I've worked about 20 hours and I'm earning about 10 times what I earned when I was in the corporate world. And I have that opportunity now to be able to give back pretty much all of that to worthy causes around the world.

It is absolutely there for everybody. You also have financial freedom. You've also got the freedom that I talked about yesterday, which was the freedom to work with the people you want to work with as opposed to having to work with just about everybody because it earns you an income, so you can pay the bills. I did that for 20 years. So if you're doing that today, I can relate to you.

The option that you've now got is an option we've never had before. But the real one for me is the one that really is the most important. You have the freedom of purpose,...

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100 days of writing my book- Day 29-35- The Freedom

Day 29

Writing my very first book about how I transitioned out of the corporate world, the nine to five where you trade your time for money, and in my case, also businesses that I owned, again, trading my time for money, going online three years ago, and now using the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years to be able to leverage off technology on multiple streams of income, build online courses and programs, and now coach people all around the world on how to do that too. My book is going to be essentially for people who are just joining. How can you do this, too. Today, I want to talk to you about one big thing that changed a lot of my perspective on the online world is how you could build a community around like minded people and do it really, really quickly. We have an opportunity today using social media in the way it's supposed to be used in a social way to build a community, to build a tribe, to build a following. If you are in my group, you know it. If you're...

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100 days of writing my book- Day 22-28- The online world

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

It is day 22 of writing my very first book, which I've given myself 100 days to do, and over the 100 days I'm going to write a book about my last 10 years and my journey of transitioning out of the corporate world. Also, businesses I owned where, like so many people today, we end up trading our valuable time for money. And now what an opportunity we have in the world to be able to leverage our knowledge and our experience of technology and no longer have to trade our valuable time for money.


So first of all, here are some tips if you are doing videos, one, you could do it as a Facebook live directly. You could do it as a recorded video, or you could do it as stories, you know, which are the 15 second clips.  The first thing you need to remember is that if you are doing a live video into Facebook, make sure that your camera on your phone, if you're using your phone, is in landscape.


Number two, a lot of people kind of freeze because they don't know what they want...

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100 days of writing my book- Day 15-21

Day 15

So welcome to Friday. It's day 15 of writing my book, so far, so good and I'm really enjoying it. I think part of it is because I just enjoy the topic. I'm very passionate about what I do today, which is helping people transition out of a 9 to 5 job or a business they own, where they're trading a valuable time for money. The security lies in having a job. I think for me that has been a huge myth.
The idea of having a job and a salary is not secure. And we're seeing that now, because millions of people around the world are losing a job that they once thought was secure.

Most people today watch Netflix and you pay a monthly subscription to do that. And as long as you're interested by what Netflix provide, then you continually pay a monthly subscription.

If you take that concept and apply it to what I do, I've got a membership program and people can join and they pay a monthly subscription. You can do that, too, around a topic that you're interested in. If you think of it like...

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100 days of writing my book- Day 8-14

Uncategorized May 06, 2021

It is day 8 in my 100 days, which I have allowed myself to write my first book and sharing the journey with you and the insights. Just recapping on the first week for those that are new coming into my Facebook lives. It's an insight into my very first book that I'm writing. I've given myself 100 days to do it, and I'd love you to keep me accountable to that, because as a coach, I think one of the challenges that we all face is that thing around New Year's resolutions, isn't it?

We set ourselves these resolutions for the whole year. We set ourselves goals and we get to the middle of February, which is around now, and they all just fall apart. And as a coach, I know one of the big things, the reasons why that is, is because there's no sense of accountability around what your resolutions and your goals are. And once you have that accountability, it is phenomenal what you can do, whether it's going to the gym and having a buddy to go with, whether it is to write a book and have the...

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How to transition from your 9 to 5 job

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2021

One of the biggest questions I get from people who come to me and want to look to transition out of that nine to five job or corporate world or maybe a business they own, where they just feel like it's a job is: Jimmy, how do I do it? How do I transition out of this nine to five hamster wheel and go online? My name is Jimmi Bradbury. I'm an international executive business coach. I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

So I want to share with you today three ideas that will help you look at a way to be able to get out of that nine to five, and get online and do it really, really quickly.

The first thing is to understand and be aware, that for the first time ever, we have an opportunity to go beyond just trading our valuable time for money. You know my story, when I grew up and went to college, I did what all families and what all parents expected of you: to go to college and then get a job. I worked my way up through the organization. We floated a company on the...

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100 days of writing my book- Day 1-7

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2021

Day 1

From today and for the next hundred days, I am going to be writing my first ever book. I also want you to be part of that journey as well. And for the next 100 days, I am going to go live every day and I'm going to share with you some of the insights to what I'm writing about some of the journey. And I'm also going to share with you some of the things that I've never talked about before, ever. I feel now is the time to be able to do that and share, because I think today with the world as it is, it is for many people a very challenging time.

And I think if anything, I would like to be able to give people that hope and inspiration that once we might be going through a really challenging time, there is huge opportunities as well. So I grew up in Ireland, went to school and college, all the things that we normally do. I qualified in university, but there was no work in Ireland, went overseas, went to London, got my first job, worked there in an architectural engineering surveying...

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Do You Feel Stuck in Your 9-5 Job? I Transition Online Challenge


I just thought I'd take you back a couple of years with a little bit of a story today with my blog this week.

Two years ago, I had been out of the corporate world for a year and I was doing a lot of business coaching. to teach the young kids in that particular school. What it is I believe is really important today, that the education system is not teaching the younger generation, which is around mindset, problem solving, using your imagination, being creative and just the things that you know are so important in life that I've learned. But unfortunately, the education system don't teach the kids. And then that went to another school and another school. And I ended up I was teaching this academy, which I called my Young Entrepreneurs Academy in schools in Australia and three schools, one in Sydney, one in Melbourne and one just in and north of Brisbane. And I'm just outside one of these schools. And I just thought I'd come back to it because so much has happened to me in...

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How to be more productive online

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an international executive business coach and founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. And I want to share with you today something that I teach all of my clients and I like to do myself. And I know it's going to help you enormously if you are somebody who's got just this table full of tasks to do. You've got all of these things. Maybe you're in your family with the kids, the bills to pay, the school fees to pay, the uniforms to buy. Or maybe it's in your career and you've just got all of these things that you need to get through every day. Bit like me. And now here I am, as I have been working from my kitchen table for the last three years in the online world building programs and courses and now coaching people on how it is to get online. But one thing that I think is going to help you enormously.

So this morning here from my kitchen table, I've just spent the last four hours doing what I think is really helpful. If you've got lots of tasks,...

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