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Review of the book I am reading, podcast I am listening to and more….My Personal blog for Week commencing 25th February

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    'Living the Life you Imagine'

Personal Highlights of the Week

Hi All.............

Hope you are having a good week. My Young Entrepreneurs Academy is into its fourth week in schools in Australia and just over four weeks to go before it is launched online for access around the world. So as you can imagine with the academy, my business coaching and training also very active, I am living a fully charged life at the moment. But every day I remember to be grateful that I get to do what I love - helping people and being around positively minded people – This is the greatest time ever to be alive.

If you would like to be part of the focus group for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy please click on this link for details https://www.jimmibradbury.com/young-entrepreneurs-academy-beta-group

Thank you for your support since I started this weekly blog last year………………                   

As always please share my blog and social media posts with all your friends as that is how we build a community. Also I would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions of content for future weeks

In the meantime here are some of the things I have personally enjoyed doing so far this week.


  1. Book I am reading…..

Choose Yourself

By: James Altucher - Published: March 2015 

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, ranked Chess Master and the best selling author of 20 books



This is a bold book by James Altucher because he not only gives you a new map for the new financial landscape, but he also has skin in the game.

This is the first financial book in which the author REVEALS HOW HE, PERSONALLY, MAKES HIS OWN MONEY.

We are living in an epic period of change, danger and opportunity. People are getting fired and replaced by computers and AI is coimimg at us very quickly in every industry. 

Every "fix" from the government makes things worse. The Old World has been demolished... and people are desperate for answers.

James Altucher's "The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth" contains those answers. This is the field guide to the "New World" we live in. You can play by the old rules and get left behind, or you can use these new ideas and become wealthy.

This is not a book for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk, because sometimes the truth is hard to take. But for those who are ready to hear, James provides an updated map of the new territory for generating wealth and freedom.

This book is one of the eye-openers of the century, it is the guide to building, keeping, and investing your money and breaking free from the chains of rusted, old thinking.

#chooseyourselfscaleorfail; #Jamesaltucher


  1. Podcast I am Following…

Lauren Handel Zander

Lauren Zander is a life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group, an international coaching company based in New York City. She is the author of MAYBE IT'S YOU: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017) and has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private and corporate clients from around the world.





  1. Music I am Listening to……

Durand Jones & The Indications - New album - American Love Call

Even if you are an ardent fan of soul and somebody tells you that Durand Jones & The Indications have a new album out called American Love Call, this might mean nothing to you. After all, this is only their second album, and the first one came out back in 2012, quite a few years apart in these times. The fact that both are out on a specialist soul label Colemine Records won’t change much.


But then, play just a few notes from the brilliant opener “Morning In America” and you’ll realise that you’ve certainly heard these guys before and that you’re really glad they’re back! You see, Durand Jones & The Indications embody everything that ‘old school’ soul means in the best meaning of the term - all those Motown tunes, Marvin Gaye at his best, combined with Willie Mitchell and his Hi Studio productions and Chicago/Philly vocal harmonies of Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions and The Stylistics, with George Clinton early Funkadelic guitar fuzz thrown in here and there for good measure. For all those more familiar with the recent ‘old school’ soul revival, think late Sharon Jones or Charles Bradley at their best.


With all those names mentioned, there was a serious chance this could have turned into a musical hodgepodge with just a dash of soul flavour. No way. Driven by the dual vocals of Jones and the band’s drummer/composer Aaron Frazer, the band eat, drink and sleep soul and sound as if they have digested completely every single element of the sounds and made it their own, coming up with something so familiar. To top it off, they don’t limit their message to just ‘sweet thang’, but have some biting social commentary to bring, like in the aforementioned “Morning in America” (“It is morning in America, but I don’t see the dawn”).

 Don’t say you’ve not heard of Durand Jones & The Indications after this album, you certainly have. Or at least you should.


# DurandJones&TheIndications


  1. Photograph that inspired me……………

This is a photograph that I took of the sunrise in Miami when I was out there in January........



 #miami; #sunrise


  1. Wine that surprised me 

Syrah Mendoza 2018 from the Squeeze Winery, Argentina

This expressive new interpretation of a traditional French varietal offers rich, concentrated enjoyment

Argentina, especially the Mendoza region has taken this heritage French to spectacular heights, adding a new World collection of flavours.

The dark ruby colour in the glass hints at savoury tastes to come. The aromas will remind you of red roses and other flowers, along with raspberry and blackberry. The fruit flavours are consistent on the palate, supported by a delicate hint of tannin

Syrah pairs perfectly with savoury dishes, including grilled meats and wild game. Try pan-seared duck breast with a sauce of onion, garlic, fresh ginger and orange zest and juice.



 #wine #SyrahMendoza2018


Competition This Week




To enter a draw to receive a bottle of the wine reviewed above and shipped to anywhere in the world, please send your favourite photo of the week to us here at support @jimmibradbury.com and the winner will be announced next week


Quote that I treasure —

Don't wait. The time will never be just right.

-  Napoleon Hill  


And, as always…………………..

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Have a wonderful week!

Live the Life You Imagine!

- Jimmi




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