The Young Entrepreneurs Academy 

Opportunity for your ideas to help the young people around the world

Have you ever spoken to over 1,000 young people and asked them....What ideas have you got in your heart that fuels your imagination to jump out of bed every morning and want to live every minute of every day of your life to make your dreams come true!

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury. I am an International business coach and trainer.

This year I started my Young Entrepreneurs Academy in schools in Australia

I wish I had this opportunity when at school....

Would you like to be part of a once off group of people that will help 'Beta' test the Online Version of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy course. This is an opportunity to have your own ideas and testimonials heard by the younger around the world.

Some questions you may have?...

  1. What is the Young Entrepreneurs Academy?

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy is a structured curriculum that I have created and teach in schools in Australia. Using my 30 years of experience of living and working around the Academy helps kids be aware of the important issues that the education system does not currently provide - Life skills, communication, mindset, creativity, using your imagination to solve problems to name some. 

  1. What is the 'beta' focus group?

I want to help as many kids as possible today to be aware of the important life skills needed to feel confident and grow in a very challenging and rapidly changing world. So next month I will be launching the Young Entrepreneurs Academy online to help kids around the world. This beta focus group gives people the opportunity to be part of an online community that will help launch this Academy by contributing their ideas of the major issues that are not currently included in the education system and therefore should be included in the online course.

  1. Who should attend and Why?

It would good to have mix of both adults and kids but all kids must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian

This beta focus group gives you the opportunity to be part of an online community contributing ideas on the major issues that are not included in the education system and therefore should be included in the online Academy course.

Those that contribute will be recognised and mentioned in the online course with case studies and testimonials.

All those that join the beta group will be given FREE access to the final online Academy course next month when it is launched – Value US$249


If you would like to be part of this 'Beta' Group, let me know by including below your name and email address and I will send you details of the group I am putting together. I will also send you a FREE copy of my vision for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy and the road map of the content that I have created and currently teach in schools.

“Jimmi has given of his time and extensive experience generously and in a genuine fashion. Getting a 'start-up' off the ground with no business background is a daunting prospect; Having Jimmi to bounce ideas off, ask for advice, and receive the benefits of his years of global business experience has been priceless. Jimmi approaches his work as he does his life: holistically, thoughtfully, and optimistically. His original style of thinking, and his ability to see the bigger picture, is a bonus for anyone who engages his service. It has been a wonderful experience working with him, and I look forward to continuing this in the future”


Dr Simon Menelaws-Founder of Humanise Culture,Doctor at Queensland Health and Uniting Care Health



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