Step 4 to Launching Your Online Course- Your Website

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

Last year I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course and in the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program! You can do this too!

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The second module in my 12 Steps To Launch an Online Course program, is more about building the foundations to be able to leverage and scale and build a global business based upon your knowledge and experience. In the first big topic to learn, which is lesson number four on my program, is about your Website. And there are three really big things you need to learn here with your website. Most important thing, we will talk more about it later, is collecting names and emails and on your Website. It is really important that you have a place where you collect emails, and you can have a look at my website, on the home page, at the top frame, there is a place to collect people's names and email where they what we say, opt in with their name and email in exchange for something that you provide for them that helps them with their problem and their pain? Your website also needs to create lots and lots of valuable content that people can engage with and they can get educated by.

And then idea number three on your website, is that you have a place where people can buy, because your website has got to be able to make you money. Like, I despair at times when I see people that have got great websites, colorful, very engaging, but there's nowhere that you can buy anything. And I just think to myself, oh, my gosh, if they have got this as a business and they haven't got a place to buy anything, then for me it's kind of essentially a hobby. It's a bit like going into a shop and shopping in a mall and you go into the shop and there's all this beautiful stuff that you like, and you want to buy. But you can't buy any of it.

The online platform that you use is really important. Today we've got many different types of platforms that you can use, the one I use. And again, in your downloads below, you'll see a link for it is Kajabi, that's an all in one platform that will build your website, build your online courses, you’ll be able to create funnels and pipelines, be able to use it as a CRM, collect names and emails, be able to automate the emails that you send out. All of that is in a system I that I use Kajabi, again in the link below, you'll be able to see it and you'll also be able to get a free trial, free 14 day trial.


12 Steps to successfully launch an Online Course

My personal checklist that I used to launch my Young Entrepreneurs Academy Online Couse that had over 500 members in the first 6 months