Step 3 to Launching Your Online Course- Your Engaged Audience

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

Last year I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course and in the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program! You can do this too!

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Third big step to launching your online course, is to engage your target audience and get them engaged from day one. Many people are coming to my coaching program and initially think, “Well, when Jimmi are we going to build and create my online course?” And it always kind of amuses me. Well, not so much amuses me, but because I did feel that way myself when I started out, when I was creating this great course. And I know that when I did that in my first two that bombed, they were brilliant courses and I still look back on them. And I just think the quality and the content in them are fantastic. But nobody bought them. Nobody bought them. And the reason why is because I didn't have an audience that I was bringing along in the journey with me. So really important that you engage from day one your audience. And we have many ways to do that. Now we can do it with our email list. We can do it with our social media, we can do it with affiliates. There are so many ways now that we can go out there and build an audience, build a community group. So there is a really great opportunity now to engage your audience. And you need to do that really from the very, very beginning. I certainly in coaching my clients really find it of huge value to them, and I know that they do, too.

And as we look at the whiteboard back here behind me and I've set out my program, that we have got into modules and then we have got it into 12 lessons. And that is the 12 weeks of the program. So with the first three lessons that we've gone through now, we've completed the first module. And we are getting closer to the launch!



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