Step 11 to Launching Your Online Course- The Launch

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2020

Lesson number two in the fourth module is the actual launch. Congratulations, you've launched and it's time to enjoy the moment. You've done the hard work. My suggestion is in the first hour after the open cart and you've launched that, you just sit back and enjoy it. I think when you get into the online world over the 10 steps that you've gone through the 10 weeks in my coaching program, they'll never be that much that you've actually learned. You'll never learn how to build a Website again. You'll never have to learn how to build an email list. Yes, you'll have to develop them. But you'll never begin from scratch.

After a couple of hours, I would suggest you then get into work and you start looking at the analytics. Track the people that have opened the emails, people that haven't opened the emails, people that have hopefully bought your program and then see where it is. You can start to improve things as they move through the launch period. And look at the emails that haven't been open, meaning people have opted in, they've gone through the funnel, they've seen what you've got to offer and haven't bought your product. And you start then getting into a process of reminding them that, hey, Barbara or whoever, you've seen all of the content that I've got. Isn't there something in there that you really like? And just remind them in a nice way, not salesy, but just kind of feeling enthusiastic about what it is you've got to offer and the opportunity for them to be able to transform their life if they take the program. Then if things are not going according to plan and people are not buying or they're not buying as much as you wanted to start, now's the time to start getting into that risk management plan that we talked about in the previous lesson that you wrote out. And it's really important that you now look at maybe your marketing copy, your sales copy, because that's the area that you might want to change. You might also want to change up the modality. So you might have had the offer on a sales letter. You might want to change it to a long copy post, or you might want to do a webinar. You might want to do a live cast like the various different modalities that you can look to sharing the offer that you've got. So that's really important, as a part of your risk plan.


12 Steps to successfully launch an Online Course

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