Step 6 to Launching your Online Course- Social Media

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2020


Last year I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course and in the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program! You can do this too!

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Lesson number six is talking about social media and deciding on the platforms is the first thing. The platforms that you use in social media is really important. Now, for me, that's going to be determined by, in the main, the audience that you're trying to attract. What platform are they on? Are they on Facebook or are they on LinkedIn? Are they on Instagram or are they on ticktock, whatever it might be? It's really important that you decide to focus on those that your audience is on. And then it's important to have a social media strategy. So, so many times I see people doing social media and there's kind of lots and lots of posts, which is great. And there is no sense of well, then what, you know, what's the call to action here? And for me, a lot of it is about a call to action around sharing it to bring in more people. That might be interesting to you. There is a call to action to comment below in the comments or does a call to action direct people to somewhere else, like up to your Website?

Again, the third point with social media is that you actually need to be able to measure it. You need to have the analytics to measure on all the social media platforms, but it's really important that, and I would recommend weekly, you measure the people, the amount of people that like your post, the many people that comment on your post. All of the analytics that we've got and are there for us to do. And we need to measure them, because if we're not measuring them, then it is really difficult to know how we're performing and particularly when you come to spending money against ads. It's so important that we track the performance of how we use social media.


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