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The number #1 skill to develop to be SUCCESSFUL online

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What do you think is the number one thing that you need to do to be successful online?

What do you think the number one thing is that I learned, having now been in the online world for three years to be successful?


Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an international executive business coach and I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. I'm super excited today. I've just got off a call with a brand new client of mine who I'm coaching and she's in New York and I'm coaching her in my 12 week program to help her transition online. For the last three years, I've been in the online world building online courses and programs. And if you know my story, I spent twenty five years before that in the corporate world. Yes. Like many people, perhaps you're one of them watching this video today and you are in the corporate world. Maybe you're in a nine to five job, or maybe you're in a business that your own working eight to eight. Well, I did that myself for twenty five years, so I know how you feel. I suppose maybe you've got that frustration that I had. The number one frustration was I was always trading my time for money, the paycheck, the fee. And then three years ago I transitioned out of that corporate world and went online. And for the last three years this has been my life working for my kitchen table here, building online courses. And maybe you know some of them, my Young Entrepreneurs Academy that in the first six months, over 600 people have joined my program and now I'm coaching people all around the world and how it is they can get online. From Olympic athletes to CEO of multimillion dollar companies to single parents working from home, army navy officers, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, best selling authors, actors. And the list goes on. But the number one thing that I have learned and that I truly believe that if you want to be successful online is yes, you need to know the strategies. Absolutely. If you want to be successful online, you need to know the strategies. But there's something more important than that that I've learned.

And that is the number one thing I believe that if you want to be successful online you need to develop a good, strong mindset, a mindset that's built around resilience and believing in yourself. And today, I want to share with you five big ideas that I have learned to develop that strong growth mindset, to believe that I can be successful in the online world. So I want to share those with you today. And I'm hoping that they're going to be useful for you and that you can implement them yourself right away. If you want to be in the online world and you want to be successful, no one is. You need to really read around the topic from people who have been through the journey of developing a good, strong, resilient mindset and have written and documented, like I can recommend two really good books that I have read. Now, this first one I've read many, many times. It's called Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, a man who was in the Auschwitz concentration camps during the Second World War. And he developed that strong mindset to believe that at the end of everything, we always have the power to choose between that action that happens. We have that moment when we can choose to react or respond. Brilliant book if you haven't read it, thoroughly recommended. Another great book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, written in 1937. Absolutely fantastic to really get the mind working on how it is you can develop that strong, resilient mindset.

No 1 is to be able to read around the topic no 2 something I never did when I was in the corporate world and when I came into the online world three years ago and for the last three years, pretty much without missing a day, I think there's maybe one or two days in the last three years I've missed it, but I have meditated for twenty minutes every day just to be in the moment, rather than regretting things about the past and worrying about the future that so many people do today. Just be present. And in the moment it is so important, particularly today, when there's so much anxiety and stress and vitriol and turmoil going on in the world. It's so important to be centered and develop that really strong mindset through meditation.

Number three, surround yourself with like minded people, people who are of that positive mindset, who want to grow, who want to be resilient, who want to do great things, rather than the negativity that we're seeing so much that can drag you down so much today. Really important to surround yourself with like minded thought, leading positive people who really want to grow in their life.

That's number three. Number four it is get yourself, If you haven't heard this term before, you'll find it in the book think and grow rich, get yourself into a mastermind. Group like this is something phenomenal, to be able to get yourself in a group, small group of people, like minded people who in the area on the topic and and the industry you're in and be able to problem solve really the difficult things that will help you be able to move forward in what it is you are doing.

Really important to be able to get yourself into a mastermind group, either one or maybe more. And I know that myself, personally, having been in three mastermind groups, they have just been fantastic. The relationships you build, the help that you get and problems that you face, you know, to their day to day. And being in the online world for me particularly, absolutely fantastic.


The fifth big idea I want to share with you today for me has just been amazing because it's unlocked everything for me is get yourself a mentor and or a coach. I came into the online world thinking that I could do all of this myself and very foolishly believe that. And I spent the first year of my three years in the online world trying to figure it all out myself. And it was too difficult. Like anything in life, if you want to be successful in your personal or your business life, get yourself a coach or mentor, particularly somebody who's already been on the path that you want to go on and is a couple of steps ahead of you because that person, he or she can really, really help you accelerate your growth, help you accelerate to where you want to get to really, really quickly. So recommend that you get yourself a mentor or a coach or and a coach. So think five big ideas to be able to develop a strong mindset. One, read around the topic, two great books that you can read straight off the bat Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and Think and Grew Rich by Napoleon Hill. The second big idea is meditate. You can do that just for fifteen or twenty minutes every day. Just bring peace and mindfulness to your world. Number three, surround yourself with like minded people who are thinking the same way as you. That positive outlook on life. Number three is to be able to get yourself into a mastermind group or groups. And number five is to really

be able to get yourself a really good coach and a mentor who can take you to where you want to be as quickly as possible.

Hope you found that value wherever you are. Have a great day. Great evening. Wherever it is you are.

And don't forget, most importantly, keep safe and I'll talk to you soon. 


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