Step 9 to Launching your Online Course- Selling your online course

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

Last year I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course and in the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program!

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The final part of this particular module is the lesson around selling your online course. And one of the great ways now that we can sell is to automate a system that will help you do a lot of the legwork. And if you think about the context of this being in marketing, that we had these funnels where people came, were interested in what you've got, and then you brought them down through a vertical funnel to be able to sell them what it is you got from a prospect to a sale. Now think of it going horizontally that we bring them through an opt in. We talked about and into seeing lots and lots of content so that they begin to know, like and trust you.

In your downloads below, with Kajabi on the free trial, you'll be able to see how it is. They create funnels and they automate these funnels through a sequence of e-mails that is tied together when an auto responder. The final part is, with regard to this particular lesson, is the ability to drive traffic now to the funnel. And the ways that I like to consider are three ways without paying any ads, number one is your email list. Now really is time to start emailing people and telling them about what it is you're doing and the course that's on its way. Number two is using social media, getting out and doing lives and pre-recorded videos and lots and lots of posts. Number three is to use affiliates. You might very well have affiliates that you could use or you can go out and use a combination of all of those.



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