Step 10 to Launching Your Online Course- Pre Launch

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020


Last year I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course and in the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program! You can do this too! For only the next 6 days, I'm giving you my 12 Steps To Launch an Online Course FOR FREE!

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Now we're into the home stretch run, the final module, which is module number four lessons ten, eleven and twelve. And in lesson number ten, we're going to talk about the pre launch. And the pre launch now is about turning on that funnel that you've decided designed, that pipeline and starting to get the opt ins open, taking people in, bringing them through the content that you're giving lots of value through videos or emails or a combination of both. And then ultimately bringing them to the offer, which will be the next lesson, and that will be the launch. So really, at this stage, you also continue to market heavily and you're really pushing that. That announcement that things are on the way and that you're going to be opening and you're going to be launching very, very soon. So give people that sense that something really important is happening. And you're out there on social media and your email list using your affiliates if you've got them to be really able to push the marketing side.


Now, as you begin to launch, the third thing that's really important at this stage is to write out a risk management plan. With all best plans prepared, and this happened to me. Things don't necessarily go go according to plan on launch day. So it's really important that you have written out a risk management strategy, as you would do in the corporate world, writing out risk management strategies. No different here. Is that in preparation, if things go wrong and they do, that you've actually got a plan in place to be able to deal with them.



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