Step 8 to Launching Your Online Course- Marketing your course

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Last year I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course and in the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program!

You can do this too!

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The second part of this module, module number three, is lesson about marketing. It's about marketing your online course. The first thing here is going back to lesson number three, which was about engaging your audience. Now is the time to get this list together, get them engage those people that we said from day one needed to be part of your journey. We need to get them engaged now because they're going to do and help you with the marketing of the course that they've been involved with. So now you see why it's so important to get them involved at the beginning, because not only are you doing the marketing, we have this sense of a compounding effect because other people are going to be helping you part of your journey. They're going to be helping you with the marketing. Really important that you now start to begin to promote your course really hard on social media, through your email list, your blogs, so many platforms that we've got an opportunity, podcast, so many opportunities now to be able to do that today.

The third big, big part of the marketing is have a strategy to be able to do your marketing. And for me, you know, we don't need to do lots and lots of things. But if it's clip carefully planned out, doing one piece of content a week and then just cutting it all up into posts and videos and then being able to use something like HootSuite to be able to automate the sketch duelling weekly of the content kind of gives you this impact of, you know, you being everywhere. So really important that you use those tools to be able to automate things when you've actually created the content.


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