How to be more productive online

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an international executive business coach and founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. And I want to share with you today something that I teach all of my clients and I like to do myself. And I know it's going to help you enormously if you are somebody who's got just this table full of tasks to do. You've got all of these things. Maybe you're in your family with the kids, the bills to pay, the school fees to pay, the uniforms to buy. Or maybe it's in your career and you've just got all of these things that you need to get through every day. Bit like me. And now here I am, as I have been working from my kitchen table for the last three years in the online world building programs and courses and now coaching people on how it is to get online. But one thing that I think is going to help you enormously.

So this morning here from my kitchen table, I've just spent the last four hours doing what I think is really helpful. If you've got lots of tasks, I batch all of my work. So, for example, this morning I was creating all of my content for social media next week. So whether it be my videos, my long copy post, if you're online, you recognize these terms. But I also do for my offline things as well. But, you know, all my video showing, all of my long copy posts, all of my quote cards, all of my graphic images, all my short copy , my blogs, all of that, that if you're in the online world, you'll recognize. But I batch it all in one morning. On a Friday morning for four hours, I'll write out all my long copy posts. I share all my videos for the week. I do all my quote cards, I do all my graphic images. And then I take those and I schedule them on an automated scheduler called Hootsuite then they're sent out automatically through the course of the week.

And that's all my content done for the whole week, I see these people and they're writing, oh, what am I going to write as opposed to today? And then they spend this time doing it. And I just feel that for me, when I used to do that, it was extremely frustrating. But there's also three reasons that I think will help you if you batch your work. The first thing is it will make you a lot more productive. So, for example, shooting my videos like I did for videos this morning, I did three short videos, which are 15 minutes that will be then cut up and edited and put out on social media next week. And I also did a 45 minute video, which is a lesson for my coaching program to help people transition online. So I shot four videos, but if you just think about it, I just had to set up here. I'm shooting my video on my phone as I do all of my videos. I don't use any sophisticated camera. I don't have a videographer. I do have somebody who helps me with the editing. Now, after three years and being in the online world, for the first two years, I did it all myself. But now I've got somebody brilliant out in Europe that helps me with all my video editing and she's just fantastic. But other than that, everything is on my phone and I've got a tripod below the phone where I just

shoot all my videos, but I don't have to be putting up my tripod. I don't have to put my camera in a particular angle, many times during the week, I just do it once, put it together, batched.

That's an example with a long copy post. I don't have to think every day about what post am I going to write today, what long copy, am I going to just do it all at once. And I think it's really, really productive. 


Number two, it's a really efficient use of your time, because if you think about it, when you're actually doing that, you're getting into the flow. You find that you are really creative, once you start getting in and doing things, it's like anything. The difficult part is just getting started. Like if you're writing your long copy, you're shooting your videos every week and you're just doing it daily, the hard part is getting started. But once you're started and then you get in the flow, it really makes it efficient.

And then number three, it's actually enjoyable whether it's online creating long copy posts or shooting videos but if you're doing it once and you're just churning them out by batching them, then it's much more enjoyable doing it that way. And the example of the offline is like on a Friday afternoon now when I’m doing all of my content for the week, I take all my bills, I pay all of my bills at the end of the week and I just stack them up and I just batch them. If they're not already automated or under direct debit. And it's actually quite enjoyable doing that rather than thinking, oh, I've got this bill to pay on that day, I've got this bill to pay on that day and I just put it together and do it all in one day.

So if you are creating content or if you are doing bills, you got all these tasks, you know that it's important that you just batch them into piles and then just do them in one go, rather than trying to do them in piecemeal.

I hope that served you and helped you because I know that will make you more efficient, more productive, and actually you will enjoy it if you are thinking of transitioning online like I did three years ago from the corporate nine to five job. And you want to be online, but you don't know how or where to start. I will put in the comments below a link where you can download for free the 12 step checklist that I use and give to all of my clients and the launch map planner. But I'm going to give it to you for free. All you need to do is click on the link below in the comments, download it for free and enjoy it wherever you are.

Have a great day and I'll talk to you again.



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