Do You feel like you have nothing of Value to share?

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Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradbury, I'm an International Executive Business coach and I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. And welcome to my kitchen table. This is where I have been for the last three years, building online courses and programs and now helping other people to do it. And maybe you're finding this is your venue to work. And in recent times, for the very first time as the global epidemic continues well into the year. And I want to share with you an experience. 


I've just had one of my clients and that I'm coaching in London and she's an entertainer. And she came to me about 14 weeks ago and she's got a very specific niche market in what it is she does. But the biggest fear that she had was the one that I find so many times when people come to me and say, Jimmi, I don't have anything to share with the world. And that is a very common thing. And people, undervalue the real talents that they've got. And what I try and do in my program is to help people dig inside them and find that gift that we've all got and being able to take it out, position themselves as the person with that experience and that perspective on the thing that they're really passionate and love doing and being able to then put it together in an online course, digitally formatted, and then promote it around the world online. And for me, that's a really important part of my coaching program. And as I said, I've just come off this call in London And she's got an exceptionally gifted talent in a particular part of the intertainment industry. But when she came to me, she didn't really feel as though she had anything to give. And maybe you feel like that, too, because so many of the people that Italk to feel the same way. So I'm going to share with you today threebig ideas that can help you maybe reflect on something that is within you that is really waiting to come out. I'm working today with a 78 year old retired professor is specialized in ecology in the US, and he decided that he had all he'd got all of this experience. And the only way that he could do was to actually write it down and journal it. And once he got into the flow of what it is he was really passionate about, it was amazing how the thing took off for him. He ended up actually writing a book. One of the things that I find is really important, that if you've got something orthere's that inkling that you've got something, go away in a quiet area and start journaling it down. It really will. It's amazing how when you take it out of your mind and your head, something that you might be really passionate about, it could just be a hobby. It could be something that is a skill that you feel maybe you had in your childhood, or maybe it's a profession that you've got that you think you could share with other people no matter what it is. Start journaling down what you feel you enjoy doing and maybe think about. Would that be something that other people might actually benefit from? It is amazing when you actually start journaling things down, how ideas come and then you begin to get into the flow. So that's the first thing that I would recommend to you.


The other thing is that I think sometimes you've really got to be aware maybe of members of your family or or friends that you've got and say to them, you've got something there that is quite interesting. That would be maybe not obvious to them, that would then spark an interest for them. I'll give you an example. Like I'm working at the moment. I'm coaching people from 80 years of age down to a boy who's 12. And I worked with him and his mom and his father about a year ago. And he he struggled with a lot of issues, which I see today with the younger generation. And maybe you can relate to this, because that really is how my Young Entrepreneurs Academy started up, is that I was able to go in and understand what the really the young generation needed today beyond what they were getting in the academic education system that we have all around the world. And this particular boy who you will see on my website He is 12 years of age. But he has got a passion for cooking. And it was only till I went into and, you know, spend time with him and his parents that I established that he wasn't necessarily academically based, but he had an enjoyment for cooking. We started developing this idea and he now has built a program with. To me, where he shares with the world how it is to cook nutritious food, to be able to deal with obesity for young people, and that's only because together we came and we said, well, what is it you enjoy doing? And he then began to talk about what he really enjoyed doing. So it's important that you kind of observe what family or friends are doing. That might be something that would spark an interest and then who knows where that would actually go. And I think sometimes we've got to start thinking more about others than we do about ourselves. Everybody has got a gift. Everybody has got talent. And I think sometimes it's about unlocking that, that maybe you can't do yourself, but maybe you can do with the help of other people.

So really, if it's you helping somebody else or maybe you say to to your friends and family, well, what do you think I enjoy doing? And it's amazing when you get a different perspective on what the results will actually be. So there's a few ways that you could actually begin to think about what it is you could share online.


Like for me, for example, I'm not a teacher. I don't have an academic background. I've never I went to school, but I never taught at school other than my young entrepreneurs academy that I used to teach in schools around Australia. But now it's all online. I never I never taught at the university, but I was able to identify an issue that people needed help with. I was able to put together a program based upon my life experiences and actually addressing the issues that the young generation needed today. But I don't have the background of an academic teacher, but I do have life experiences. I do know what the young generation need today, and I was able to put that together in an online course. I was able to talk to the people that actually need that help today. And that's why within six months, my Young Entrepreneurs Academy had over 600 people in it. So you can do this too. So don't just kind of measure yourself around things that maybe are within side you, but you actually don't recognize,I think sometimes get somebody else to help you and give youa perspective on how good you are. So I hope you've got value from that.


Now, what I would challenge you to do is go out and talk to your friends and family and ask them what do they think you might have an interest in and what do they think you're good at? And you might be very pleasantly surprised.


If you need to know more about me. My name is Jimmi Bradbury. You can get all lots of information and tutorials and free information and content to know more about my programs and courses on my website. 

So that's

And if you need any more help from me, just reach out and you can connect with me on email or on all the social platforms, wherever you are. Have a brilliant day and most importantly, keep safe.


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