Are you struggling to make ends meet in this uncertain world?

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2020

Hi, my name is Jimmi Bradburry. I'm an international executive business coach and I'm also the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. Are you struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you didn't have the income that you had last year. Maybe you've lost your job. Maybe you've lost your business. The world is changing really quickly at the moment. And I think a lot of people are anxious and scared and confused because the control that they once had, the job that they thought was for life or the business they thought was there forever, is no longer there.


And maybe you like that. And I feel for you because we're going through unprecedented times. Things are really challenging. I was reading today here working for my kitchen table, as I have been doing for the last three years, building online courses that fifty two million people in the US this year have signed on for unemployment, nearly three million in the UK, almost two million in Australia.


And the numbers look as though they're going to increase as well as the pandemic becomes even more difficult for us in 2020. And I'm reaching out to you because I once was in the corporate world.


I once was trading my valuable time for money, maybe the nine to five job that you're in or the profession or the corporate world that you're in. And you can relate to that. Well, I've been here working for my kitchen table for the last three years when I transitioned out of the corporate world and online. And I must say that for the first year it was quite a struggle.


But I learnt the system and then I invested in a coach and he fast tracked me to where it is I am today, which is building online courses and programs. And last year, for example, I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course, and over 600 people have joined it in the first six months. But it always hasn't been like that. You know, I've had challenges at the beginning, but I've learnt those. And what I'm doing now today is I'm also coaching people from all walks of life and multi-million dollar CEOs, Olympic athletes, single parents working from home, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, doctors working on the front line of covid-19.


And I want to show you how it is. You can take back control of your life, because I believe that when you're online, you've got control. You can actually share your knowledge and experience. You can package it in a digital format and you can promote it to people around the world and make multiple streams of income. And that's what I'm doing today. And I show other people how to do it as well. And I'd love to show you exactly what it is.


I show my high fee paying coaching clients in my coaching program and I'd like to show it to you for free. So later this month, I am going to have a three day challenge and a master class that will show you the key strategies that I've adopted and I share with my clients on how it is you can be successful online.


And if you would like to be part of that three day challenge and master class, it's totally free.

All you need to do is register by clicking on the link below and complete a very short form.

And then I'll see you in the master class and challenge. And I look forward to helping you take back control, building stability, building security and being able to build a life for you and your family with additional revenue and you're not worried about where you know your next paycheck is going to come from. So I hope to see you in the master class and challenge. All you need to do is click on the link below and I'll see you on the other side.



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