5 Big AHA's that were game changers for my clients

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2020


I did promise that I would share with you the five big AHA's that I have got as feedback from my 40 plus clients that I've coached from all walks of life. The five big AHA's that they got that changed the dynamics for them, from their point of view was, number one, commit. Commit to this topic that you've got, commit to a goal of launching on a particular day.

Number two is engage your audience from day one. Really important. So many people come into this world and it's about creating content and creating their course and really perfecting it. And then they've got no audience to be able to buy it. And that happened to me. So engage your audience from day one. Bring them on the journey with you.

The third big aha is to create something that people want as opposed to what you think they need. That two very different things. Go out and survey them. Ask them what it is they want.

Fourth, bigger one is to create a what I call a back in sales strategy. So when you've launched your course and people have bought and that means they like you and value what you do immediately, have something else that they can buy from you. Either it's something that's less expensive or something that's more expensive. You can't do it on the time of your launch. Have it in your calendar to do it pretty soon afterwards. That's the fourth big aha.

The fifth big aha. Is that everybody that I coach said they couldn't do this on their own. And I totally agree with them because I struggled, I struggled big time with it. And it was only when I got a coach that I saw what the map was, I saw that the direction was. So I encourage you to go out gave self a mentor or coach. Don't try and do this on your own. It's too difficult. And if I'm honest with you, anybody who's succeeded in this online world, I don't know anybody who's actually succeeded without the help of a coach. And it always reminds me, because here in Australia, where I'm shooting this at the moment, I swim every morning and people that are following me on social media know that I swim that I swim alongside and I'm Very privileged to swim alongside the Olympic swimmers. All of them say to me they could never get to the Olympic Games without a coach. In fact, some of them have three or four coaches, for the nutrition and psychology and so on and so forth. The top entrepreneurs I know have all got coaches. So get yourself a coach.

I'd love to coach you on, my website you’ll be able to see how it is. You can get a free 45 minute discovery session with me to be able to show you how it is I can coach you through this journey, but I hope I've given you value today. I hope you enjoyed the course. Don't forget if you need to know anything more about me go to my website www.jimmibradbury.com

Look after yourselves. Take care. Keep safe.


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