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Have you ever met someone feeling stuck in their 9-5 job, or the corporate world, or business they own, trading their time for money?

I help those people to monetize their knowledge, experience and expertise, and transition online, so that they can earn 6 figures + of revenue and live the Life You Imagine.

For over 25 years I lived and worked in the corporate world both as an employee working the 9-5 job and a business owner.  Looking back I now realize in both cases I was like so many people today, trading my valuable time for money – The pay check or fee at the end of the month. Can you relate?

In 2017, I transitioned out of the corporate world and began sharing my knowledge and experience online in what I call the ‘knowledge commerce’ industry, sometimes called the knowledge or wisdom industry. Forbes forecast this industry will grow to $325 billion industry by 2025

In April 2019 I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course that I use to teach in schools in Australia and within the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program from all 5 continents around the world

Today I coach people from all walks of life around the world on how to successfully transition online and monetize their knowledge and life experiences – From Olympic athletes, Best-selling authors, CEOs of multimillion dollar companies, holistic, life and business coaches, actors, single parents working from home, company, doctors, yoga teachers, physiotherapists and the list goes on….

During my career I have lived and worked around the world in great places like New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Hong Kong, Manila, India, Dubai & London.

Today I love to share my story, advice and life experiences with others and make a difference.

My core Values in life are Gratitude, Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Loyalty and Joy.

Giving back and contributing to ‘worthy causes’ in the community, together with serving and inspiring people, brings me happiness and fulfillment. This is my ‘Why’ 

I always say in life that if you ‘join the dots’ you will find there is a better way to live the 'Life You Imagine'

I look forward to serving and inspiring You on your journey.

With Gratitude


Jimmi worked with me since the early days of his career in the 1980s after he left college in Dublin and travelled to London where he joined Cyril Sweett and Partners. He worked with me to set up our Company International division beginning with an International Subsidiary in Spain in conjunction with an eminent Spanish and South American Corporate. He then took on the role of Managing Director of our International division when I became the CEO of the Group.Jimmi is a consummate business professional whose style was in keeping with the values, ethos and working practices of the Group. He was a highly valued colleague in whom I had total confidence. He has drive and focus tempered by a great sense of humour and a realism as to what can be achieved. He is a great team leader and motivational individual. Highly diplomatic and sensitive to different business cultures, he has a proven track record working in the International arena. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
Mike Gibbons 
CEO, Cyril Sweett Group plc (1998 to 2004).
I’m so glad we engaged Jimmi as our business coach. Following each of our sessions with Jimmi, we always come away knowing exactly what we need to achieve next. He really helps us achieve the clarity of thought, direction and purpose that is exactly what we need. 
Ann Fell 
CEO, Watch Smoke Alarms Pty Ltd 
I have known Jimmi since we were first introduced in London in 2001 where we became business colleagues in his capacity as the International Director for the Sweet Group. Jimmi was always professional in our business dealings in Europe and we became good friends. Jimmi is one of the more strategic and insightful leaders who has focused on International business growth with a listed Public Company.
We connected again when Jimmi was coordinating the International acquisition plan for The Sweet Group PLC in Australia and I was able to provide references for a number of businesses under consideration for the Global expansion plans. Following the acquisition of Burns Bridge, Jimmi and his Melbourne based colleagues continued to provide strategic business advice to me in my capacity as a Global Board Director of Woods Bagot. I led the team on the design and delivery of 1 William Street, Brisbane which is the Queensland Government Headquarters and Jimmi’s Australian team provided strategic cost and project management services to my client CBUS Property.The Project is the fifth tallest tower in Australia and the largest commercial office building in Australia, as well as a very successful commercial development for CBUS Property. Jimmi continues to act as a mentor and colleague in my current role as Australian Managing Director for Weston Williamson Pty Ltd, and I would always rely on his expertise and insight when making strategic decisions.
Mark Kelly 
Managing Director Australia, Weston Williamson Architects. Architect, FAIA RIBA 
I have known Jimmi since 2014  through my mortgage broking business here in Australia. I also worked closely with Jimmi as a member of a business networking group (BNI) where Jimmi was President of the group (a volunteer position) for 1 year, after which he offered the role to myself.
In all my contact and business dealings with Jimmi, I have found him to be a person with an incredible depth of  knowledge and experience in the business sphere. Jimmi has always been an encourager and mentor to me, willing to share ideas to help me grow and thrive particularly in the president’s role I was given.
Jimmi has the capacity to speak into the life of businesses, whether large or small and help the owners achieve far more than they otherwise would. Not only that, he has put the theory into practice with his own businesses and I have seen how he has grown them and made them successful.
Being willing to share his knowledge and expertise with his peers in a diplomatic yet confident way is a mark of the contribution Jimmi has made to the betterment of other businesses on the Sunshine Coast.
Paul Malia 
Owner of The Mortgage Connection
I worked with Jimmi at Davis Langdon, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA for several years.
The Sherman Oaks Galleria is one of many iconic Southern California projects we worked on together during that time. I would say that I found him to be a consummate business professional whose style was in keeping with the values, ethos and working practices of our Company.
Jimmi later opened our first East Coast office in New York City. He was a highly valued colleague. I would say that Jimmi could be considered highly diplomatic and sensitive to different business cultures, he has a proven track record working in the International arena handling major projects.
Paul Abernathy 
Vice President, MGAC (2014 – present)
Jimmi and I originally met through a business networking group on the Sunshine Coast, Australia in 2012 where we were both small business owners.
Jimmi was always enthusiastic and passionate about his business and more importantly his clientele. He provided exemplary customer service and strategies for his clients. Our paths crossed again back in August 2017 when Jimmi was seeking some advice on a business opportunity. At the same time I shared with him another amazing opportunity I was involved in and Jimmi decided to invest with me.
Jimmi has got great foresight, tenacity and drive to make any career or business a successful one. He is a valuable leader in our team and has built some long lasting relationships based on his caring and fun personality.
Claudia Silk 
Master Cellar, Direct Cellars 
I have known Jimmi since the beginning of 2001. At that time Jimmi was an executive Director for the global multi-disciplinary company called Cyril Sweett (CS) and I was Vice Chairman/COO of the German Company Drees & Sommer (D&S) Group.
CS and D&S formed a strategic alliance to work together on international projects and in doing so expand the reach of both companies.
I got to know Jimmi as a very experienced business development professional who always had great advice when it came to all international business related questions. As well, he always had the best interest of all stakeholders in mind and it always was a great pleasure to work with him.
I would enjoy having the opportunity to work with Jimmi again in future.
Ralf Schwiede,
Entrepreneur Canada. Partner and COO/Vice Chairman Drees & Sommer Group 2001 – 2008
I worked with Jimmi for over 5 years in London and I recommend him to anyone in the business community. His warm and friendly personality compliments his professional integrity and capabilities.
Please subscribe to his blog.
Denis Lillie
Owner at DLP Advisory Services
In the mid-1990’s, the new president at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, charged the College of Engineering dean to capitalize on its recognized expertise in nano-scale science and engineering facilities to pursue a new multi-disciplinary research facility under the direction of Peter Karp the University Architect. And so was born Duffield Hall one of the country’s most sophisticated research and teaching facilities for nanotechnology. It supports research and instruction in electronic and photonic devices, advanced material processing, and biotechnology devices. 
The project team meetings were regularly held at the Contractor's headquarters in St. Louis and I always remember that there was a great rapport and level of trust between all the members of this very professional team of high performers. Jimmi stood out with his quiet self assurance and opinion. 
The Duffield project became a career milestone for all of us. We delivered a world class facility for the advancement of nano-scale science and technology that quickly became a benchmark for the succession of similar facilities to follow around the world. At a project celebration when Duffield was dedicated, I commended the team for demonstrating the values of truth, respect, teamwork, excellence and integrity. Jimmi always demonstrated those values and walked the talk with his awesome team
Robert Paul Stundtner 
Construction Project Director, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 

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