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 How to Master LinkedIn


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  Does any of this sound familiar...?



Did you know that LinkedIn is the biggest professional business network in the world?


Over 800 million people


How could I have missed it ?

My LinkedIn story...Can you relate?


Are you struggling to master LinkedIn?

I know how you feel, I felt like that too

I clearly remember the time.

It was December 2020 and the global pandemic was raging on and my business for the first time in 2 years was slowing down....

I was sitting at my kitchen table wondering about my options -

Pay for Facebook ads?

What about Google AdWords?

For the last two years I had used Facebook and Instagram to generate leads and make sales.

But now like so many other people I felt Facebook & Instagram was getting kind of crowded...

I was confused.

When these thoughts and beliefs go through my head, and they do, I always reach out to people I know who are already succeeding and ask for help.

I jumped on a zoom call with my mentor and asked for advice...

We discussed the options and my mentor said "What about LinkedIn"?

My response was ....Is that the platform for getting a job?

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the biggest business network in the world with over 8000million people and is the only social media platform dedicated 100% to business.

In comparison to other social media platforms like FB and Instagram which can be entertaining but also time-wasting… LinkedIn is a clear winner for business owners as it's only focus is business.

On LinkedIn you're not going to waste time looking at pictures of people's food, but instead you will gain valuable leads, connect with your target audience and bring in more sales… that is … IF you're doing it right.

But honestly I wasn’t doing it right I was not getting any leads or sales.

And you guessed it it - I wasn't using the platform correctly 

Up until the beginning of 2021 I hardly ever used LinkedIn.

To be honest I didn’t really understand how the platform works, and didn’t know how to grow my network on LinkedIn, let alone attract higher quality leads or even how to monetize my efforts for my business.

I wouldn’t even know where to start. It all looks a bit overwhelming.

Perhaps you can relate?

My mentor then said I know someone who can help you

The Solution....A way forward

The following day I was on a call with a seven figure earning LinkedIn coach

We started looking at my LinkedIn profile ...It was a mess

I had little over 500 contacts, but no engagement.

Worse still my profile didn’t relate to my brand and how I create value and help people

Within 30 minutes, I had signed up with the LinkedIn specialist coach for her 6 month 'One on One' $20,000 program

I learnt how to use LinkedIn to identify my target audience, get more leads, and make more sales for my business

I figured out a way to maximize this platform so much that now - LinkedIn is the major platform that seamlessly brings in a stream of ideal clients into my business… which means more sales and more profits.

I recently welcomed an amazing new client into my $40,000 Coaching program just by implementing one simple thing on LinkedIn.

Now I would love to show you how you too can master LinkedIn and generate more leads & business.

I want give back that knowledge and experience that I have learnt and this is why I have created an online training course called LinkedIn Launch Academy

LinkedIn Launch Academy


What is it and Why I created it


LinkedIn Launch Academy is an online training course

It master LinkedIn in 5 easy steps so that you know how to generate more leads and business, or perhaps find your dream Job....Now who doesn't want that?

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and updates as they are released.

I always believe if you know how to do something successfully you should teach others the same too.

I want you to experience the same transformation as I got working with my LinkedIn coach

LinkedIn Launch Academy is a 5 module online course with almost 3 hours of video training where you will learn how to....

  • Fully optimize your profile to grab your ideal clients’’ attention and hold it.
  • Where to locate your ideal clients and how to connect with them in a way that feels genuine.
  • Create quality and value led content.
  • Grow an an engaged audience who wants to do business with you!
  • Also ….How to be in the top 1% of people using LinkedIn
  • And the Number #1 thing not to do on LinkedIn

 Now it's YOUR turn!

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What You will Learn


I have created 30 videos (each in manageable 'bite' size mini videos average of 5 mins each) 

In addition there will be lesson notes, download workbooks and links to additional resources.

In each Module you will learn the following....


  • Module 1 - How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Your Cover and Profile photos
    • Your Elevator Pitch
    • Your Headline
    • Your 'About' Section
    • Putting Your Profile together
  • Module 2 - How Optimize Your Profile
    • Content Activity Overview
    • Your Experience & Work History
    • Your Skills & Endorsements
    • Recommendations
  • Module 3 - How to Create Quality and Value led Content
    • Engaging with Your Target Audience
    • The 5 Pillars of Content Creation
    • Create purpose driven Articles
    • Publishing an Article on LinkedIn
  • Module 4 - How to Engage with your Target Audience
    • The biggest mistake you can make on LinkedIn
    • The 'Search' feature
    • Searching for a Company
    • Searching for People
    • Searching for Your Dream Job
    • Other Searches
    • Getting more 'eyes' on Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Module 5 - Goal Setting & Daily Activities
    • Goal setting
    • Daily Activities to put you in the Top 1% of people using LinkedIn 
    • Measuring Progress



My Goal for You  


My goal with LinkedIn Launch Academy  is to:

  • Give you a simple 5 - step strategy to grow your network, generate new leads and attract new clients on LinkedIn that will save you lots of time trying to work it out yourself
  • Help you attract your target audience by giving you clarity on what content to post, when and why
  • Stop you from having to send dreaded cold sales messages
  • And aimless scrolling will be a thing of the past

Are you ready to grow your network, attract new clients and make some money? 

Here's what people are saying.....

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Is LinkedIn Launch Academy for You ?


If you’re a person who’s tired of not getting the business traction you want on LinkedIn or indeed on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok then....

This course is for you

Whether You’re….

· A service provider who knows that social media is great way to create a scalable business and reach more people

· A corporate employee (with the heart of an entrepreneur) tired of not getting seen on other social platforms

· A budding entrepreneur who wants to build a business, the smart way (hint most business owners turn themselves into employees and remain stuck in a 'job' trading their valuable time for money, I should know, I once was there myself) 

If you can relate to any of these people, then you’re in the right place.

And I would love to show you exactly how LinkedIn Launch Academy will give you the strategies, tactics and tools to generate new leads and business and succeed on LinkedIn 

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And there is more....

3 Free Bonuses


And there is more….If you buy LinkedIn Launch Academy today I will add in 3 extra bonuses 

Bonus #1 - Access to my Inner Circle Community to learn, share and collaborate with like minded people 

Bonus #2 – My mini Training Online Course - How to created Online Business or side Project sharing your knowledge and expertise

Bonus #3 Additional Training from one of my recent LinkedIn 5 day Challenges


Included - FREE

Bonus 1

Bonus #1 - Access to my private Inner Circle Community


  •  Learn more

  •  Share and

  • Collaborate with likeminded people


Included - FREE

Bonus 2

Bonus #2 – Mini Training Course



  • A mini online training course highlighting the key parts of my signature coaching program that helps people monetize their knowledge and life experiences and create an online business or side project
  • This is the program that I have coached almost 100 people over the last 3 years on how to successfully create market and sell an online course 
  • Establishing how to monetize your knowledge, life experiences, story and message so that you can earn passive income
  • Finding your Ideal Customer
  • Building an engaged audience
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Creating., Marketing and Selling a successful Online Course
  • How to successfully launch of an Online Course so you can start to earn passive income

Included - FREE

Bonus 3

 Bonus #3 – Additional Training 


  • Additional Training from one of my recent LinkedIn 5 Day Challenge where I covered the following;
  • How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to create quality and value led content on LinkedIn
  • How to find your ideal customer on LinkedIn and more... 
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A little about me....


I always believe that if you want to learn something and fast track your success, you should get help from people who are already successful in that area of expertise.

I am not another social media trainer teaching you another social media program.

Over the last 12 months I have invested over $100,000 on mentors, coaches, and mastermind groups that have helped grow my online business to 7 figures of income.

This includes $20,000 with a LinkedIn specialist coach. And I want you to have everything I learnt.

3 years ago in 2018  I quit 25 years living the 9-5 to become a full time entrepreneur and create an online business monetizing my knowledge and life experiences.

Nowadays… as an online course creator, coach and trainer… I teach other people to do the same, so they can get more out of life and get back to doing the things they love.

So I know what it is like to work both the 9-5 and then successfully create an online business

Looking back at both my 25 years in the 9-5 job and various businesses I owned, I was like so many people today, trading my valuable time for money – The pay check, the salary, the fee.

Can you relate?

In 2017, I quit the 9-5 and began sharing my knowledge and experience online in what I call the ‘knowledge commerce’ industry, sometimes called the knowledge or wisdom industry. Forbes forecast this $325 billion industry with grow to $1 trillion over the next 5 years

In April 2019, I launched my Young Entrepreneurs Academy online course that I use to teach in schools in Australia and within the first 6 months over 600 people had joined my program from all 5 continents around the world

Today I coach people from all walks of life around the world on how to successfully create an online business or side 'hustle' by monetizing their knowledge and life experiences – From Olympic athletes, Best-selling authors, CEOs of multimillion dollar companies, holistic, life and business coaches, actors, single parents working from home, doctors, yoga teachers, physiotherapists and the list goes on….

Some of my Clients you will see in the video below..

I hope you decide to join me on this journey too :-)

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So What is your decision?


Do you want to continue with the frustrations of not getting it right on LinkedIn


See those business opportunities slip away?


Spend months and possibly years and $$$ trying to work LinkedIn out





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LinkedIn Launch Academy

These are the strategies and tactics that I teach all my high fee paying Clients that Invest $40,000 in my One on One coaching program and $6,000 in my group coaching program. 

 When you invest in my online course ‘LinkedIn Launch Academy’ you will immediately have lifetime access to my LinkedIn Launch Academy Online Course.

You will quickly discover how to use LinkedIn to build your target audience,

Get more Leads


Close more Sales in your business 

I want my simple, effective LinkedIn training to be available to everyone so I am offering it to you



Includes - Life Time Access, 30 Training Videos, Workbooks, Links to additional resources, Bonuses & Updates


 Over 800 million people on LinkedIn waiting


Hear from you and your business 

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